big BEN

28 September, 2006

London bridge is falling D
he he eh am i excited or wat??? the place im living in is called Harrow and its about half an hour by "tube" (train ya!!!) from central London. its a peaceful country side kind of a place and the halls of residence is where we are living.
Three great things: I am outta home
I am staying in a hostel WITH plug points(ask susha ul know the sob story)
AND We share one kitchen among eight of us and this kitchen is like the meeting point for all of us... A guy from Canada, Palestine, France, China and ofcourse three INdians susha,shashank and myself...

Can u imagine the kind of intellectual talk that goes on in that room???
"kitna mirchi daaloon isme?"
"hey wat is that snake like noodliee thing ure eating?"
"That brown stuff looks like our khichidi!!!"

Sigh!!! life with a twist!!!
but till now i have eaten in a portugese restaurent, chinese and obviously subway!!! heheheeee
and about classes dont bother, neither are we....
susha is belting in classs though(so i have heard!!!)
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees