Fate's game in another

30 March, 2010

Here is the scenario. 

- An IPL tournament, 8 teams with different captains, leading a set of the World's greatest batsmen, each in their own right having the power to turn a match around. 
- The top three teams are in place for the semi-finals and vying for the last and fourth slot are two teams. One of the two teams temporarily holds the spot as they have finished with all the rounds in the preliminary games. 
- Now, the second team which could displace team A, if wins their last prelim game will get into the semis but if the other team, team B is playing wins, team A will remain in the top four as team B will not have sufficient points. 
- Team A's fate lies in the hands of Team B and its opponent Team C. 

If you, in life, are making all your decisions, all the rules that you will follow to the T, how does a self made person be able to accept that your fate lies in another person's hand, his decision, his mind frame, his competence? 
I realized that many times in life fear stops a person from doing a certain deed which he thinks is important but how do you manage a situation like this?
I have always tried to make my own decisions, however much I consult others, the end decision has been mine. But there have been circumstances, many as of late, is not in my hands. I am a control freak and this is freaking me out... 
I cannot bully people into doing somethings, I cannot sweet talk them either. There must be some way. And mind you prayer or bribery is not an option!

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