03 January, 2010

Ok, this is weird. I havent written one post in ages... I havent been excited about writing in a long time. Other than the fact that I write when I am at work, I havent made the time to write! And I know that it aint doing good for my progress. I first of all dunno where I need to make progress... where am I progressing to? I am not a teenager any more and I need to know, a ball park figure once again, where I see myself ten years from now...

I know this is the field I want to be in. Its more a need, to do better, to get that news first, that urge to write better. I know that I need to be in Health. Tricky! Lovely... I mean, no where else but here!!! But where from noew???

Man I cannot think more convoluted stuff!!! :) I am enjoying 2010. I am getting back to being the crazy girl I was. Before the change, which I thought was for the good!! nope.... I am ray of sunshine who wants to bunjee jump although I am petrified of heights and might never live to tell the tale. I want to swim with the sharks. Like FOR REAL! :) I am ready 2010... 2009 was just a hog wash!!!

Beat u to the Mayan calendar! :)
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees