26 April, 2006

ITS harder to live with yourself knowing all the mistakes uve done wen u re in a failed relationship... but its the worst case situation to be the person who is not able to forgive a person who is begging for mercy!!! its not being cold and the person wants to... but the hurt was so overwhelming that the guilt of not being able to forgive and the living proof of that mistake stares u in ur face is far more insomnia creating than being the person who is askin for forgiveness.....
I FAKE IT.... I FAKE IT ..... LALALAAAA.... I F.A.K.E.D IT........

5o tHiNgS BeFoRe I am FIVE O

17 April, 2006

  1. go to egypt
  2. find a piece of gold and steal it from rt under the customs nose!!(tht line sounds funny!;-)
  3. try to crack some seriously gud jokes(oxy"moron")
  4. go bungee jumping, scuba divin
  5. river raftin in rishikesh(this time a longer course and jump off a higher cliff!)
  6. slap someone rt across the face wen i really mean to
  7. sky dive
  8. meet all the people who ive known in my lifetime, my friends
  9. goto sydney
  10. dance in front of people wen i dire need for money in an unknown land
  11. meet mario again
  12. get a sexy tan
  13. get a tatoo done ( lily with a snake wound around it)
  14. give cool and gud advice wich works and actually gives positive results
  15. interview and cajole bryan adams to perform once more in India(esp for me;-)
  16. tell people on their face wat i really feel and not hide it
  17. learn how to skate
  18. build a snowman durin christmas
  19. take a photograph that makes headlines
  20. lie on the watertank in the terrace and count the stars and find figures in the moon
  21. create somethin of my own.
  22. rob a bank
  23. drive a Lamborgini(once once jus once... cant live without it after tht..... tass y it comes after robbin a bank!!!)
  24. sit in the train station and make friends with complete strangers(im shy)
  25. get drunk, sloshed smashed(like the sound effect it gives and someting attainable!!!)
each of these ideas i hope to get it fulfilled befor fifty!!! every year one deal!!! so u wonderin wat il be duin for 25years??? basically gettn married to a really rich soulmate of mine, making out, fulfillin nike's slogan and havin fun!!! like to sounds of that?? i sure do!!! stay and ul see the world go round and roound!!!

How RoMAnTiC??!!

16 April, 2006

have u ever been in a situation uve considered to be romantic but its all wrong cuz u wuld ve preferred it to ve been with that someone special??? well i ve been on that island way too many times and i rrecollect lots of my friends reliving those moments and wondering WHY?? Why him and not the one??? but i am completely grateful for the instances which enrich your life. To expand ur world,to make it a better place,to bring happiness and joy in the small little acts which culd ve easily been overlooked in the bigger picture!!!!
messagin whole night about absolutely nothing though i kept whinning about wastin my precious TWO bucks!
buying table tops for mom
deciding wat kinda curtains we need
knowing that we shuld be haeding towards the ice cream parlour without actually tellin it out loud
someone cooking for me in the idea to impress but cooking somethi i can stand to eat... i loved every morsel of it!!! i love him and can never,will never forgeet u!!!
talkin in the candle light about love life,and its pouring rain outside,in to the night...
holding me by the waist wen im struggling to push my bike... supportin me thru the darkness into the light... (dude seriously!!!)
going on a long drive in gettn seriously lost
looking up a construction site waiting to become a home... left me wishin it was our home... (that one hit me hard)
these are told to me and felt by me... jus wanted to write it down... eternalise it!!! the best thing is IT already is... ForeveR...

Dil tho pagal hai!!!

08 April, 2006

Does running away from people, place and surroundings help mend a broken heart???

Poles aPART

07 April, 2006

"ARE we ready gals??", i stand one foot inside the room and the other outside the door bellowing. as usual being a sucker for punctuality i have had my bath,brushed and all set to move into the scorching yet inviting sun,smellin the fresh air(differnt! frm the smoke choke of blore) and i see that killi is applyin the liner on the curves of her lips wishin i could tell her that she looks sexy,hot or watever she wants to see herself as wen this picture of her with kannadi pops into my head. i stop short and move my focus to mother India, whom we all love,cherish the whole deal... but oh!!! she clears the mess in our roon up at the wrng time and gets blamed for displacing things that we wuld have easily found in the muck!!! still her enthu(over-enthu) does not die... as i look upon danny impatiently i am suddenly distracted by something moving!!! movers and shakeeras as i call it. the infamous bum dance. for our eyes only!!! by the one and only(if there were more i wuld wanna kill myself or the clones wuld bite each other to death!!!;-) susiekins!!! she stands there with her electronic tooth brush which does all the BRRRUUUSSSHHHHing........ for her!!!(talk about being lazy,she topped the class)
THEN the day proceeds with a lotta yelling, shoutin, pouting with each other!!!
being picky,choosy and agreeing only on boozy!!!(culdnt help the rhyme)
smiling for pictures, crying to leave the place we got to love
feeling like home in an alien world jus cuz we are together
hopin to survive, to be alive to see another day
cuz the night is gonna throw us off the bed
we come back to our room disgusted with one another. susha wanted fish, i craved for chicken,
killi dint wanna eat and danny asked for only one hot cup of coffee to cure her headache!!!
WE always paint a happy picture, TO HAVE THE SUNNY SIDE UP!! but these two trips i did with these gals made me realise how different we all are and how we want all different things from this world---a summer fling, parasailing, dancing thru the night,sleeping on the beach,rollercoaster ride, swimming, gettin a bad tan!!! the fights, the arguements, the consolation and the final hug!!! i sometimes wonder how killi and danny can be roomies and still be gud frnds.... yet thru the thick and thin we find our small lilttle space wher all of us can be happy with wat we are doing and who we are... and thats what we say A PART of the same planet but POLES apart!!!

one day in the media dept . . .

03 April, 2006

the day started as usual, me gettin up late, mom yellin tht i waste time and not study and the whole deal... nothin new i said to myself. least did i know that mid day is going to be pretty darn somethin i never wanted to happen!!!
i went to meet pinto sir!!! YES ... i did say pinto sir, for my SOP though for valuable advice and that i did receive. but i sat in the media dept with kennedy and abhaya for an hour!!! socialised with them... as i pour out these words i cant seem to forgive myself!!! from askin y ma'am doesnt wear salwar to college to yapn to kennedy about his new house and his labrador,whose name is ceaser btw(julius wher art thou...???)sittin in their class i wanna cease to exist. u know the plight... but in all it was kinda fun!!! i know how much danny has to put up being in the dept, not much!!! try this out it works!!! heheheh
till next time(wich maybe tomorro considerin im jobless)

Amma, DMK and all that JaZZ

02 April, 2006

roof top coffee day- one dagerous place for thr four of us!!! v not only end up spendin money on fud(which btw s never the problem)its the minutes of the session that scares the wallet outta me!!!
we planned the chennai... dint work out the first time and the second but as they say third time lucky(i wanna know who this "they people" are???!!!) so we left in the nite train on friday that s the 24th march and reached there next day!!! from that moment no rest.
suri came, suri went.
archana came, we left.
spencers plza, patheon road, money left!
then evenin of reunion: oh gud lord!!! everone i had wanted to come,came...
SK(u got better at flirtin dude!!!)
madan(still the sweet guy),
pratap(u trippe dand fell into the water by ur self. thanks for not makin me work tht day;-)
shiva(paanjali!!!lets play the game),
sridhar(u never sang),
nive(gemini twin)
daffy(miss the talk in the bus and endin up with the icecream)
swami(man we got loads to talk and catch up to!!!)
that day irealise how much i meant to u guys!!! nothing else mattered then. friends who came who left, betrayed and hearts they theft!!! i know u guys for not even a year and still so much closer thnan anyone who culd ever imagine being close to me
im blabberin but too much emotion overflow....
love u guys
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees