Fools dig deep

15 January, 2008

The chill steel edge slicing my cheek bone
from one empty space to another empty space
a crater,
the salt stains brown
granules of wetness
on all the dried, decayed remains
evidence of a humanly existance,
buried under the flesh
the morbid embezzelments run a coarse streak
through virtue of epiphany

The puff of skin compliment the grey eyes
crow's feet leave no scars
curvatures on the face widen the empty space
filled with confident emotions
yet the exterior mirrors none within
expressions fradulent of nature
Through virtue of monotony

Author reads

13 January, 2008

I am a ten year old boy. No, man in spirit. I have to get up at 5 in the morning to deliver newspapers. I hate getting up that early. I wish I could turn off my alarm. (Laughs...) By alarm ofcourse I mean if I could set the sun to rise later. My body aches. My head especially. It spins sometimes. I think it is because of the weight of the newspapers I carry. Oh by the way, as you all might have figured out, I am the paper boy for this locality. By morning only. At 8, I report to Fix it Garage. I am the junior assistant mechanic in charge of taking care of the needs of our expert mechanics. I get to meet very gorgeous cars and their not so generous owners. I assumed that they would be nice people considering they have all the money to get whatever they want. Maybe they are upset about their expensive car. Could be. Least of my problems I say, this is why I don't want millions. I pray that my each meal is served and that I get to eat them in peace. That seems more a spiritual problem than the sparkplug of a car! Oh did I forget to tell you my age? I am ten. Do I look like one? I think I can pass off as a teenager, a grown-up maybe? (Smiles...)

I am 45 years old. I am a 45 year old mathematics teacher. Aaaah! I knew you would roll your eyes when I say the word mathematics. No, tell me, really. What is it that makes everyone squirm when you have to attend a math class, a math test, or talking to a math teacher. I am getting upset for nothing here right? I teach to an empty class and when the test paper comes I curse the empty heads. Then there are these saving graces in every class who understand the basics of mathematics. The Front-benchers. Don't judge me. You dont own the patent, the right to label them. I will exercise mine as well. So these jumping jacks sitting in the first bench, though they bring utmost joy to me with their split second answers, get on my nerves as they in the end are the ones who undermine my intelligence and command over the subject. The back-benchers, though hate me, never cease to get amazed at the speed and flair I solve any given problem. Simple application of logic I would say and they roll their eyes. I see fear more than a negative attitude. I get my revenge.. Maths: Boo!!! (Laughs, giggles leading to snorts...)

I am a 38 year old, career-woman and a home-maker. Yes, we do exist and merge both worlds with ease and panache. I am an interior designer, I always loved the arts. It gave me my freedom. And as a single mom, I am quite happy about how my kid has turned out. He is a great guy who has learnt to love and respect women. I give a pat on my back whenever his 'girlfriends' praise me for the brilliant son I have given to the society. (Smiles) Between blushing and over-powering sense of pride, I mumble a thank you to the girl and walk away. I am popular in my fraternity, highly recognised and a successful mother and thats who I am. Although it does get a little tiring when I am all that and not myself. I have carved a status for me which I cannot erase. I am all that. But I am also much more. My art has cornered me. Maybe I should start writing poetry. (Laughs quietly...)

I am 22 years old. I am the author of many lives, many emotions. They belong to me. But they once belonged to another. Maybe myself sometimes. Once they are out, they are... not mine anymore. Sometimes I write so that they stop belonging to me. Ever wondered why Arthur Miller couldn't sustain his affari with Marilyn Monroe, THE MOST SEXIEXT HEARTTHROB? Because for authors its not a woman's curves that are tintilating it is the flow of word play is stimulation. Ha! Word play, word play. It excites me so much!!! (Shudders and Laughs...)Are you asking me whether I am alone? Good question but let me know, do you think I am alone? (Smiles and winks naughtily...)

...I think I will remove my shoes now. Their shoes also. Bare feet are a blessing I tell you...

Indecisiveness traumatic syndrome

07 January, 2008

For every letter, an agreement

For every word, a profanity

For every sentence, a question

For every thought, a suicide

A hesitation guided by intuition
that persists from within
The craving to surge forward
though of nature, blunderous

Shrivelled lips speak none
Dejected eyes look up
at the angels caress and the vultures stare
but both hover with nonchalance
at the junction of mahogany and the mallot
burning desire for the noose tighter
than to suspend in time and again.

Denial is not an option when you have answers,

Wait and want for judgement is worse than the verdict itself.

Cut Cut Snip Snip

06 January, 2008


B: "Apun kya karega na, aapke baal jo hai na, usko mein ek tarah se blend kardoonga? Teek hai na?"
A: "Haan teek hai"

Cold Feet:

I had no clue what I had said yes for. I keep questioning myself as to why I allow them to take a chance with my hairstyles. Toni & Guy academy at least had a tutor. The guy who was going to cut my hair came from a Punjabi family who did not take well to his profession. Married to a tamilian girl and grumbling about Pongal he digressed into how he got into this profession. He had dreams about hairstyles. At that moment I was disturbed. I told a guy to have a go at my hair, surprise me and he was looking at a bloody mirage. Not good. Not good at all,I tell myself. One minute I was sitting at the sink getting my hair washed, the next minute nodding my head giving him permission to cut at least a couple of inches shorter than I wanted it to be. I was completely petrified.

He complained that I was young, guessed my age right and told me if I have long hair I will look old. I am not sure what exactly happened there! J With utmost care, gentleness he said that he knew that he always wanted to be a hairdresser. I could see how much he enjoyed his work and was grateful if people did not hurry him up. If he had the time he would spend an eternity with every strand of hair. Such is his passion that exuded in his personality.

Crazy thought:

“Could he hear what I was thinking like the guy in that movie??? Hello mr.sir I love what you are doing with my hair. No complaints at all.” (No reply from him, which meant he did not hear me. Continue thread of thought!)

Clarity from Chaos:

Before I knew people had queued up behind me waiting for him to cut their hair. They wanted no one but him. I was thinking what is the big deal. I looked into the mirror that was staring right back at me. But much more prettier than what looked at me when I had entered for the first time. I was astonished. “Run your fingers through your hair,” he said. I obeyed him instantly to see the magical world he had seen an hour ago. He had seen something that I could not, did not an hour ago though I was in the same room, in front of the same mirror.

He had a vision of my haircut.

Top Ten 2007 (till Change!)

01 January, 2008

It is new year and like any festive day I love watching all the tamil programs on tv. From the "patimandrams" to the weird "putham pudhiya thirai padams!!" I love to watch them all. A common program I see is that every channel has its top ten for the year program. So I stole that idea but I want to make it the top ten songs that I would love to hear any point in time! (Not in any particular order)

  • You're Beautiful- James Blunt
  • Won't miss a thing- AeroSmith
  • You raise me up- Josh Groban
  • The way you looked tonight- Rod Stewart
  • Can't fight the moonlight- LeAnn Rimes
  • City of Blinding lights- U2
  • Insatiable- Darren Hayes
  • 25 Minutes too late- MLTR
  • Everything I do I do it for you- Bryan Adams
  • Your Grace still amazes me- Phillips Craig and Dean
I am quite happy with this collection.. :-) Now I can sleep in peace!!

Happy New Year 2008!!!!
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees