30 October, 2007

Calmness at the zenith of trauma

Sorrow swirling in an era of satisfaction

When not expected the human strength comes into play

Heart pumping, hardening yet made of clay

Anya stood there with her piercing eyes, a look lost in consciousness. Sober, at her decision to leave, she regains her composure. Stunning, you need to look stunning she told herself. 'Herself' protested in anger and despair. She wanted to be there. Right there where all the excitement happened. She wanted wide open spaces, stretch her arms as wide as possible and feel the subtle summer heat caressing her joy to the pinnacle. Tip-toe to scare the birds in to a flight, laze on the field of grass and newly fallen snow gave her delight. Independence had sweet stench.

Yet the undeniable fact was that she had to go.

Crusades of politics unwarranted for

Bells of assurance at your door step

hypnotic vigilance of shakespearan and herculean

potent streamlining in to the walls of thee fortress.

Ananya had to rush. Her keen eyes searched the room, extinguishing the panic that she had forgotten something. Packing her child, her kid and her husband, her kiddo was a task in itself. Tiring yet content she thought to herself. 'Herself' could not agree more with her. She was right there. All the excitement happened with her being the centre of their world. She saw her child play and laugh with no care in the world, her husband who never could get the pancakes in a round shape ever, but never quit trying. Tip toe to scare him and forcing him in to the swimming pool. Roll over the grass with her son and their puppy dog. Committed to life was sacred.

The undeniable fact was that she did leave.

Every move is not an apocaplyse

Apocaplyse is not always for the worse

Desire and acceptance of reality

Endurance matching is a rarity

Passion Drives

13 October, 2007

I was sitting with my friend. A person whom I have always loved to death as she is my reality check. No qualms about spilling what she thinks I need to know when many have their reservations.

Well thats not the point. One of those days when we are jumping topics like hop skip, jump we get into the conversation of cricket. We have had friends who do not particularly follow the game. Understand? I am quite not sure. But definitely enough to express their opinion. Yet it is not complete. I am passionate about that game. I have gone through emotions in cresents and troughs about this game. I have come back to being an ardent fan. Actually fanatic. If I was in Bombay...

This passion cannot be understood by people who have not been brought up by parents who scream their guts out when Sachin hits a sixer, or moan in agony while we lose another wicket when being 98/4 , or regretting the day we missed the most amazing match against Pakistan 314 to win thinking we would lose, or do the victory dance after a match or curse BBC with all their heart for being on s strike when India won the first world cup! This is all that I have been exposed to and I feel the exact same way. I pray to the Lord when we needed a wicket to win T20. I screamed thanking the high heavens that There WAS a mallu in every corner of the Earth. Yes they are gettin paid well, yes its not fair to the hockey players. Get over it! Cricket was nothing till Kapil Dev came and won, and what a win it was! Drama always Scores! Do something dramatic. And its not a cricketers fault that the BCCI is rich enough to give so much money.

I also agree with the fact that they are humans, victory can get to anyone of us. Why should they be any different? But it doesnt mean that they should be downright criticised that they have no dignity left. Ousting the Tiresome threesome??? Whats with that? How fickle are we to forget that they have won numerous games for us?

I guess people who have never played will never know the crave for victory. Cause they know how losing sucks! Passion drives. Drives me insane during a game which I am not playing. How can anyone understand that without passion?

-- After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.
Aristotle Onassis


12 October, 2007

A simple insight in to the problems that men and women today face. The fading effects of the C2, "coyness and chivalry."

In women, today, we see a kind of independence, acceptance of their inner self, true and natural, fake or superficial. These qualities are vibrant in them = smiles to laughs to an eventual burst of snorts. I am definitely not trying to coach women to be something their not but I guess coyness has also the effect women are looking to get out of men. Coy doesnt anymore mean lowering of eyes or batting eyelids (men might actually think that a dust particle is agitating your eyes!) but by taking off that "Fuck off" board slung around your neck. Independence, money and confidence can be intimidating for a decent chap. (Meaning he otherwise doesnt have a problem of appoaching a problem, women being a problem in this case cause he is hesitant to approach!!!) That basically blows your (a women's) chance of bumping into a really nice guy. Arrogant guys (who have nothing much to lose) walk up to you and you think that he appreciates that your independent and strong woman! Buzzer!! wrong... Be coy. You'd rather wait for a couple of dates to make an impression than making a bad impression on the first one.

Men, where do I start! I dont have to think far. Chivalry. This might sound highly outdated to you but it actually works. If you think in this dog eat dog world, where women are having men for breakfast that money, confidence, high fly job and a bank balance (I already spoke about money did nt I? No harm done. Its worth repeating!) is all thats necessary think again. Women notice the details in the minutest of things. You walk to your car and get in without opening the door for her, entering the door before u let her = Your history pal. Chivalry instills within her a deep respect for you. She covertly understands that you respect her and that in some bizzaro way that she is your first priority and you love keeping her happy. Her needs before yours! Believe me you will get what you are after. Now thats not very hard to pull off is it? (And if there is a puddle she will step on it first!)

My psycho babble is over...

06 October, 2007

I am forcing myself to pen down something in my blog right now. Everytime I check mail I am reminded of the existance of my blog space and it is forever calling out to me.

Friends and family live and die
always its the words that choke and cry
never came in time for an impact
yet impact is made, an unmistaken fact.

I am trying to rhyme
I am trying to fly
without scrabble heist
impossible task do not ask why

I cant man! I had an interview today. They asked me to write two articles: World's most useful invention and the functioning of a bicycle. (Judging my creativity according to them, duuhhhmmmbbb!!! I dont get it. I blabbered something about friction and revisiting my Physics theories!) Damn!!! Dont know how I completed that load of crap. I think they were testing the level of creativity in my crap. :-)

Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees