Not for sale

29 February, 2008

If I holler,
that I do care
would you let go of me

If I tempt,
that I will do
would you shun me

If I serenade,
that I sure will
would you walk away from me

If I kneel
that I will hold for sure
would you break the spirit of me

Could I love and leave?
Pixie dust for only a fairy tale
Peels of grime and grease
No one, after all, is for sale

Through the night's sky

27 February, 2008

I look up at the clear blue sky
with no stars to wish upon
tears it brings to my eyes
a sparkle and a cry

Never can I comprehend the games people play
men and women lose for their heart's desire
Isn't that a large price to pay?

With no sleep and agony to mull over
why is it, I ask, lacking love and luster
what is life if you pass by it sober

Through the night's sky, I want thee to be
in love for sure, in love with me
through the indecisive pauses
through the splits it causes

My love it ponders, my love it wonders
my love it waits, my love it breaks
my love it loves, my love it hates

Lost shadows of the last matinée sun
threatens me at closure, in the forward step, I intend
the passion that makes me jump the gun
a mistake to commit for years to come

Yet the blame is on the people and me
For we are the true criminals
pure as I can be, because it is I
through the night's sky beckon thee...


26 February, 2008

I have never been this indecisive in my life. All I need to do is take the first step forward or the last step off the mountain peak.

Either and both ways... Its do or die.

As U2 perfectly said it, I am stuck in a moment!

Peace Out!


13 February, 2008

Color me blue
when the skies are red
and clouds soft as a warm bed

Color me blue
when tears are tasteless
and the heights make you breathless

Color me blue
when my dreams sing my song
in that Church a wedding gong

Color me blue
When time becomes the peddler of future
An addiction that spoils the now

Color me blue
when the folded fist is all you've got
a soul which the devil seeks has been bought

Color me blue
when all I do in life, is love
when all I end is in one great shove
Ending in people near my grave true

Color me blue
Begin me in blue

Love and Destruction

09 February, 2008

“Yes and that does make me feel miserable. Contrary to many beliefs, if and when I fall in love, I feel miserable. Miserable that I am in love and miserable that I am capable of love”

“What are you saying? Capable of love… Many in this world in their existence constantly question themselves whether they are, can be or have the capability to love another. Selfishly or unconditionally, whichever may be the case. Love is loved by everyone!”

“Moving past my fear of sounding ridiculous, clichéd or like a standard ten English essay, my love can be split into: I hate the people I love and I love the people I hate.”

“The classic love-hate relationship huh? It defines you to such an extent that you question yourself and condemn your feelings of love? Why?”

“Hmm… The question I pose to myself and the only plausible answer I got through this act of introspection was that I hate the people I love and love the people I hate.”

“You are repeating yourself here. But I get the fact that it is similar to familiarity breeds contempt and…”

“…And the factors, small and negligible as they may look, these itsy-bitsy quirks,that I hate about a person, makes me want to love them more.”


“My life, my logic and my hate. And that same hatred might prove destructive for me in love!”

-- To the flowers that lay on the tomb stone that says

And her last words were… Life is a bitch and Love her bastard.

Not today...

03 February, 2008

Am I ready to die?
Am I ready to die?
Yesterday I did not
Neither will I today
nor will I tomorrow.

A shaken soul masters none
words fanned through the valley
in the wake of an enlightened harbinger
sieving the bluish blemishes

At the far west flying solo
the sparrow reaching its summit
passed over vulture's carcass
whose death is of no consequence

I want to invite death in
his tease, his ally, his sin
black cold with intensity, I reckon
Am I ready to die?
Not today
Not today...

Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees