27 February, 2007

I am sitting with my corporate comms book at, what time is it? Five to Two! I should probably would be asleep by now, Normally.
I am reading about how the corporate culture, the culture of the organization itself sometimes proves to be a hindrance to positive change. And I am wondering, the same concept, the same core that brought an organization to this heights has the power to destroy or less destructive but nevertheless obstructive to the expansion of company. How can a mother hold back her son?
I start wondering whether there is something that is so powerful that it can be pushed to destruct. Plays song in my windows player and I get conscious of that when I start singing along with it. (one of my favs and I got my answer as well)

someone told me that love would all save us
but how can that be when look what love gave us
a world full of killing and blood spilling
and that world never came ...


Its been more than ages that I wrote lines that do not end with a comma,
a full stop that comes where it shouldnt.
These patterns that repeat,
are boring me now and I am not sure how not to.
The grammar doesnt match up,
to their standards set.

The rhythm of the beat characterized,
metaphysical poems are out of my reach.
What I see is what I want to write,
each and everytime.
But if I dont have anything what is there to lose?

25 February, 2007

Flutters of a tender butterfly
Chirping birds
Welcoming the sunrise
Shy smile and the nervous giggles

Thousand sand of falling time
In a frenzy
Days of gold and lime
Passing you by

Seasons shift to months
Agonizing over early sunset
Blankets of snow and warmth

To end the feeling
is placing a full stop
madness in continuum


23 February, 2007

I stand up for the person I am
I have become
I will be

I lean towards lie
work and strife
Conquer of battles

I sway in indecision
battling heart
mind and soul

I fall in love
with the soft skin
sweet smell of perfume
laced with sensuality

I stumbled

I stand up
for myself


what would it be
that I would give up for
everything in my possession and not

a moment of truth
answer to the mystery of life
what I am

love that overbears
miniscule essence of me
will that all be?

And I did
now will paint a picture
the arms that wait longing
wrapping the vacuum
off pain is which is mine
estimating overbearing crime
what goes around comes back around
viscious circle is too soft
smirk crosses my lips, I smile
waves crash against our broken souls.

dEDicated to Sneha and our talks. whats in ure head and whats in mine... one thing! what goes around comes back around!!!

21 February, 2007

There is something scary,
Unnerving with the word forever
Obsolence prevails in the mind
When the heart denies.

It could be now
Today, a hundred years from now.
Erratic and unpredictable
And yet we move forward

Mankind is filled with fools
Drawing a thin line
Between optimism and death
Struggle lasting forever…

Sys(tem)ter mix

20 February, 2007

I am not sure where this thought came into my mind! Talk about random thoughts.

Why does the Bhabhi or Anni, the sister-in - law revered as a motherly figure for the brother or sister of the married elder male sibling but in case of the married female's husband thinks of his wife's sister, his sister-in-law as someone he can attain if wife dies.

This might sound like a B-Rated cine flick but does happen at the grass root level in the society.

sisters-in law with a marked difference.


17 February, 2007

Saw the Rosetta stone
in the British musuem.

Carved in 196 B.C. it has Hieroglyphics on the top part, used in all the religious scriptures.
Demotic language in the middle, which is the language of the learned men in Egypt.
and the bottom most part is written in Greek, language of the Government.

Civilization perished, what remains is the ruins.
Treasure it.

15th Feb

15 February, 2007

just another day
just another middle of the week
just another tomorrow for a yesterday,
yesterday for a tomorrow.

a shift in sunshine in my window
just another ray passing as hope
I shift in my bed facing
her breathing next to me
Just another perfect end.

I came up with a concept of dedicating the one day before, "da day" and the aftermath of the day for Valentine. It was, as I had pictured, going to be posts that would condemn this whole valentine's day as a farce and nothing else.

But love conquered it all. In the end, though people make money out of us consumer(is the king or a moron???hmmm....) it is a day where its only about love and none else rules- in ure mind, body, soul, work place, love is really in the air! I firmly believe that love is the answer to everything (recently accepted idea so practically I have yet to put into use!)

In this world where stress and workaholism has taken over a person's time and energy, a Valentine's day (girlfriend/boyfriend) forces you to take time off to buy something the other would like, which would mean that you try to find out what the person would love to have, which indirectly means that the other person has taken efforts to find out.

If you dont end up getting a 'meaningful gift' atleast in the mad rat race rush, he/she actually stopped and bought a gift for you! Appreciatable gesture...

There are romantics in this world. I guess I am one as well. Happy Valentine's day!!!

All for one and One for all

13 February, 2007

girl 1: Should I tell him? Shouldnt I tell him?

girl 2: I cant be with him now... It confuses me too much!!!

girl 3: How can you be so mushy? I mean valentine's card with chocolates? Get creative guys!

girl 4: Have patience! Love is on the way... I am standing with arms wide open!

girl 5: Why doesnt he get the hint that I really like him? Uff!!! What guys want? Whack on the head and spell out that I like you man!!! Romance and Drain in one sentence.

girl 6: Teddy bears are cute but I wish he was here to hug him.

boy: I cant personally be there now. Can u buy a rose for her?

awwwww.......!!! :-*

13th Feb

Hush, for love walks to you in melody

thwang of the bow,

arrow piercing the intended

time, place in conscious etched in the ground with snow

a red satin scarf floating past

angels calling, reaching out to you

for love can soften the hardened heart,

dissolves into wisps of cloud

fading the past, opening future all of new.

It Snowed again

10 February, 2007

I could see two distinct figures being shoved forward by the howling wind and the swirling snowcotton. I wondered if it was them. So quickly would they have made it this far? Then the tall figure jumped, a familiar jump. Arms failing in the air like its first time. It was his first and boy! Watta night!!!
It was snowing again!!! Thick drops of snow. Water, Ice, SNOW!!! soft on our faces. Call up Susha, call lakshman, wake up pavitra, isnt shashank getting up? priya's mobile is switched off!!!
Absorb the Silent rain of white heaven. . .

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! its so cool man! my hands are freezing! i dont have gloves, lets write our name! RISING DEVILS!!! only PJ king, and co. Contemplation for FORTY FIVE MINUTES! Lets Wake up Lakshman! Scaredy cats 3 of us tip toed to his room. He was dazed! Rahul thought he is going to be blkasted!!!!

But then the sight of the snow falling horizontal, pictures being taken of us lying horizontal on the groud. skating, making snowmen!!! Life was beautiful.. Feeling of being a KID!!! utterly stupid and falling down for no reason. hooting and shouting!!! Bliss...
Then to top it all off a hot steaming mug of hot chocolate!
L: I want my sleep man... Nothing can push me out leaving my beauty sleep! (sitting in the kitchen with 3 other crazy people looking out of the window... snowing wide awake!)

Dreams come true

05 February, 2007

She is getting married. The guy's parents came and "saw" her.

She looks presentable.
....... In this blue sari I look so fat da. Anu I want your green and orange sari.....
You look so good in that Jeans and Orange top which I bought you and flicked from you.

Talks well.
......... Sad pair of slippers I got from Triplicane.......
Why dont you wear myne? Taken rudely from me by the time I finsh that sentence. What are frnds for. Completin sentences in to actions before I finish that thought.

Cook well.
......... I will teach you how to make sambhar. Take pencil and paper. Take a kadai. Not in front of the computer. On the gas!!! Anu...
You have to cook for him daily and his family and responsibility of running a family.

Walks well. No deformities, Doesnt walk with a limp
........ I am ready to rise up, walk into a marriage. To love and to cherish in sickness and in health till death do us apart. Walkin the aisle..........
You are walkin the plank!!!

Sings well.

...... I am like a bird ... I believe I can fly, I believe that I can touch the sky........

I am probably not matured enough to understand and the child in our group, my baby might end up getting married before anyone of us.
Kudos to u and love that u deserve always!!!

Head crack....

04 February, 2007

Its scary to live through something you fear.

You feared that you might end up being exactly what you did not want to. To become a person you feared you should not.

Being in a situation where you cannot come out of. There is no such situation but if it involves two or more people it is always difficult. No one can win a war alone. Unless its with yourself.

I wont be in a situation like this. But environment around you, puts you in it. I dunno how to come out of it. Time ofcourse is a huge factor but then I never wanted to feel this way and thats exactly how I feel.
This time I can get out of it. Marriage? I mean I believe in the Forever...! Forever atleast for the nearest future! Divorce is not my favorite option. Hardwork is. When do I say I give up? I am not sure... Can I? Give up anything? Anybody? Myself ? Wanting to not fight? For something I am doubtul about?

I cant answer these questions! probably I can and hate what my answers are goin to be!
What if u get peace by letting go of a person? Would you take it?

If you dont get answers You are probably asking the wrong questions! Any right questions?

writing to clear head!!!

will justice ever be done
to express the feeling of
stepping onto venus
moon or mars?

earthly beasts struggle
with what we were
are and will be

the inches of snow
on a slice of bread
collective water
draining into the depths
of a tetrapack
blocks of ice
lazily dropped into
clear mug of chocolate

practice and emotions
done and feel

To Venus and Beyond. . .

I could do this a million times over. Walkin to the graveyard and back.

The bench that started it all. Will the end ever be happy? I would like it to end there. Or begin all over again. . .

Agreed as a huge group. Started as a large one. Filtered into a few...

Clear sky, bright moon, faint orion, hidden scorpio and sparkling venus.
Tij: Absorb the silence
ha ha ha ha ha...
Lets make a toast!
with peanut butter or nutella? ;-)
ha ha ha ha...
To us ... Hope we never get enuf of each other. Amen!

I am cold.
:-) Warmth all over...

03 February, 2007

I am still young. Just 21. Do I need to see the larger picture in life?

By May you will become 22 so you cann get married not at the "tender age of 21"

I want work, make shit loads of money to build a house. Overlooking the sea? NewYork skyline? Notting Hill? a busy Blore- Chennai road? Mumbai? Be Independent.

The guy says that he is willing to sponsor my further studies in US where he is.

The Internet... Wot part of the world can you not keep in touch with?
Why dont u ask him to come online and with a webcam something can be accomplished. Atleast a glimpse!!!

He doesnt call. no messages. And the timing is just not right between India and US.

When do I throw the shield down?
Sword whipped out my hand
fighting for a cause that isnt mine

man!!! i have kinda hit like some writers block or something... either that or nothing interesting is happenin in my life.... wail... thats a scary thought!!!


I stand at a point of no return
turn to look back once
I lose my foot in front of me

shrivelled skin,
shrunk heart
eyes blinking continuously
cant move further
oscillating between worlds
not yours
searching for a portal out
quicksand lazily pulling u down...
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees