Dostana- Wont Kiss and Tell!

17 November, 2008

Ok with the picture as your guide you already know what I am going to talk about. I just finished watching Dostana and I am still in shock!

The movie is like any other Karan Johar movie. Full of life, silly jokes, colourful and hot, sexy people in it. And this one had THREE hot sexy actors. I don't remember watching a Priyanka Chopra movie in a long time. But man is she hot. She looks so beautiful! Chiseled and perfect.

Who else is chiseled and perfect? John Abraham! He and the director has done justice to his body. No shirt most of the times and then a strip tease! :)

I have saved the best for the last. My fav Aby Baby! He has gone past being the macho man and has taken on the role of a gay guy so well that I cringed through out the movie. I howled and hollered to Abhishek... I went for happy to sad. Happy that he could play gay so well and sad that he could play gay so well!!! At the beginning I just could not take it. Such a waste of hot guys!

All in all a good movie to watch. Twice mabbe cause the first time you are either gagging or too stunned to absorb half of the jokes!! The chemistry between the three of them is unbeatable!!! Probably would rate it 3 outta 5!

Cat Calls

13 November, 2008

I would be offending many really great writers in this world, of past and present, if I called myself an author. But I do blog occasionally and try my hand at free verse.

Today, I read David Barnett’s articleAuthors' mews: writers and their cats”. Barnett spoke about an author’s compelling necessity to “not to omit” the mention of their precious feline friend in a biography or even a book. I immediately remembered a short story I had recently read Garcia Marquez’s short story “Eva is Inside Her Cat”. (Although it was not about cats, I argue: why not any other animal?)

These feline creatures have assumed its place in literature and like every other living cat, they have refused to give up their spot in lime light and their owners have made sure that it never does.

I have a cat and I am not lucky enough to say that she inspires me and that I love her being around while I try to write. What Robertson Davies about cats and authors (Authors like cats because they are such quiet, loveable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons) does not synchronize with my state of affairs. My cat bellows loud, burps and purrs louder and follows me around from one room to another. (I have stepped on her way too many times for her to like me anymore). But there are these some moments I look forward to and cherish, when she looks up at me and I can see the need for words to form unpredictable story lines and a real inner soul to keep it alive.

- By Tsu, who lives in India with her cat, “Ugly Betty” (sometimes I can be terribly unoriginal) and her scrawny little kittens who haven’t been named yet.

Refrain is not in love

11 November, 2008

Love is my passion,
Lovers are a game,
Love every moment with me
Cause it’s just not the same
Roll the dice and play your cards
Path to true love is filled with shards

You smile and you frown
Daily adorn a new gown
In matter of minutes you are in the nude
Naked pages of you with words of feud

Yet you start all over again,
Melted scolding of refrain
We are back to where we started
Love is vain to the faithfully departed

Compromise on the hush of a library

05 November, 2008

I had a hundred arguments running through my head the minute I finished reading Lyn Brown’s article about how libraries with strict rules need to be replaced by upgrading them to a culturally rich centre to avoid being shut down.

Do I believe that a "long overdue revolution" would save these libraries? I think it eventually might but I am really not up for that change.

I don’t think that I fall within the brackets of “the ageing band of traditionalists who shrink in horror at change.” Although what I do believe is that the concept of “culturally enhancing the libraries” with a dash of jazz in the evenings every Friday night or even having coffee whilst being engrossed in Shakespearean Sonnets will disrupt the peace each person enjoys in that limited space.

Imagine a group of people loudly discussing about the evolution of the universe while you are reading economics or someone slurping (not in a manner less fashion but merely distracted by the book in hand) their coffee which rudely steals you away from your walk with Robert Frost. A whisper into the phone can distract, the swirling whiffs of freshly ground coffee beans can distract. You are effectively ripped away from your book.

I love reading a book with loud music but I wouldn’t want to disturb or encroach into another person’s space, way of reading the same way I wouldn’t want someone to poke into mine. In my opinion, the lessening readership in libraries are partly due to e-books, and also the dying culture, of loading books every week from a library or sitting in silence where each mind is processing knowledge, which my parents taught me to and which I have always loved. More than buying them or reading them from a screen! But I do hate to admit I haven’t been a regular visitor to one. May be from now onwards I will.
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