However Forlorn

29 August, 2007

The follicles that acknowledge
Presence felt in the upraising
Shuddering/Surrendering to the physical truths
Immensely profound
Carnal however born

Water dripping through the wetness
Slithering within the zenith
Cravings of unbearable intensity
Unreachable infinity
Carnal however sown

Visions of the emotion
As a person in being
Twilights of least measure
Copulating silence
Carnal however torn

Freed from senses
Slap scarring the iris
Restricted to melancholy
Learned realities
Carnal however forlorn


26 August, 2007

Dear Diary,

I just feel so grown up!

Mood: Indecisive, Contemplative and Inexpressive

I was pushed to the status of "I am meeting you for the first time and I need to behave well" by a friend who I did not consider this close till now.

If I can think of him this way and the other with disrespect what is my basis?

I want to give him a tight hug before I leave. I need courage. I am so chicken!!!

Mood: Disturbed, Non-Enlightened, Questioning.

He will be my first best!!!

Mood: Glad and Grateful.

I am upset that I got to work for not even a two months.

Signing off
- Bar Associate
J.D.Weatherspoons, the New Moon, Kenton

Shoe story

23 August, 2007

I am a shoe. Not made of leather, not made of straw. But I still have a sole. A soul on which my existence depends upon. I am of no use. I will be just a body without life, reason and purpose. Just like every other person.

People need me but still walk on me.

I protect you, dance with you. You wear till I tear

Size does matter. I come in all shapes and sizes. Colours and combinations. High and mighty, low and down to earth. I take the shape of the person I am with. If you are not mine then the soul doesn’t fit. Yet I mould. Mould fighting. Scratch and cut. Scar for life but I heal.

Sometimes I am stolen away. Momentarily carried to a world unknown- smells, sounds and paths. I am no more for the previous, no more old but new for the present. The place I am put but still remains the same.

As I slip unto the floor, I lie, he walks to the door nearby...

Cheeni Kum

22 August, 2007

I shudder and shake
Capacity to give but life to take
Ignore me and I will be gone
Like a wisp in the sunlight

Remains of whom
Weaving into the nook of loom
Floating dreams tender
Existence never could prove

Jammed gates fly open
Love feels an exchangeable token
Passion for another with ease
Overcome passage a fiery rival

Ignore me and I will be gone
Ignore me and I will remain
Temporarily during insanity
Temporarily during pain

Approving of the hints
On cue exits stage
Remember me rarely
In a insignificant moment
I lose contact
As a passing wave of discomfort
Careless and side tracked
Like a wisp in the sunlight.
I will remain

He, She and the Storm

21 August, 2007

She did not look back as she walked away from him. He had said his goodbye without a drop of tear, a flinch, nothing. This was not a bollywood movie, she thought. If I look back, I am hoping he would at the same time. He will not. If I turn back my hope could get shattered. It is better that I don’t give myself another chance to feel sick in the stomach. He will not turn.

She had met him on one noisy night where her head was fuzzy with excitement. He came like the calm before the storm. She waited for the storm to come. Sunny days enjoyed, murky cloudy days were counted till finish. She waited till she realised that the storm had died down but the eerie calm remained. Memories were piled one on top of another. The calm was forgotten in the very context.

She realised that she was falling into the calmness that resonated within her. It disturbed her as she did not know where the root of the stem lay. She did not want to lose herself to something she did not comprehend. He did not help her understand. If you did not, you did not and it ends then and there. No explanations. She swung back and forth and then disturbance did not bother her. Denial? Seemed like a viable option. But the calmness had no overt cause. The inert cause was not to be seen simmering or an under current. Maybe she was blind. Denial? Seemed like the viable answer.

And then there she was standing with no questions answered, no questions left to answer but one. Will the calm turn around? She shook her head slightly. There was not going to be any outburst whatsoever. Nothing said. Nothing felt. Stupid! She cursed herself, to think like that. He is never going to turn.

He stood there fully facing her back seeing her twitch and shake her head. Waiting for a bollywood movie scene to happen. He stood there waiting as she walked on by…


09 August, 2007

Sunshine on the flower petal
So tender
Bound with beauty of thee
Yet when it comes
A gush of wind
Gracefully falling to the earth
Never to return

Still in its tenderness
It lay there still
Bound by its fragrance
Yet when it comes
A gush of wind
Graces your senses
Never to leave.

Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees