Are you ready to share a wave?

24 October, 2008

Let your eyes wander around,
find things people of ages before have found
why is the sky so blue and earth green
red sunlight and us in between

then I saw him

As fast as his padded feet could withstand
he ran to the wagon that took him home
on hard concrete and smooth liven sand
below the same skies that blanketed Rome

then I saw myself

Reckon, the shore awaits me,
for my pair of feet to share a wave
cause love can nothing but save
And that is exactly where I will be

23 October, 2008

Some friends that are just there
Some friends cling on to you and not let go, but you have.
Then there are some friends that you cling on to and not let go, but they have.

In the end, everyone is alone!

-- Hence spoke, Control Freak!

Laugh Riot

19 October, 2008

I went to the Russell Peters show.

I laughed till my stomach hurt
I laughed till my jaws felt sore
But I do hope some day the chotu kid Kiran gets to have the last laugh!!!! :)

Russell Tussle! Everything that I had dreamed he would be, sound like, smile and the jokes are completely pee in your pants category!

Thorough fare! :)

Mismatch and Gliders

07 October, 2008

Today, two days after I came back from Goa, my vacation with my mother, I walked out to the tailor with my rubber chappals on. Wearing the pink with grey stripped gliders, jeans and a Tee, I took my bike and left.

I had gotten used to wearing comfortable, yet not sophisticated looking slippers. Nearly losing my flip-flops, rocksters, last time, I was determined not to make the same mistake again.

I have two gliders. One, pink with grey stripes and the other is red with black straps.

Mismatched clothes and rubber slippers (and now crocs) gives people a sense of being on vacation. Other than a very few weird species of men and women, sometimes including myself, would dare to wear atrocious clothes which normal people wouldn’t want to or like to wear. I saw a guy wearing orange shorts with violet tee shirt on. But then I was in green aria nijaru (my mom calls it that, meaning half pants!) with blue t-shirt. No judgements made!

I walked on the streets (and one main road) of Koramangala with my gliders on, feeling like I was in an exotic location on another break from the monotony of work.

Life is one big travel plan and every day is a vacation

Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees