31 January, 2007

NEVER NEVER ask anyone for a favor!!!

ONly probably if ure life depended on it. Try not to go to that situation, if you are nearing try harder not to get there and if due to ure stupidity you do end up there be very cautious cuz ure stupid!!! otherwise you wouldnt have got there.

Independence we have got Not Independent yet!!! Learning the hard way always works!


29 January, 2007

I hate to be taken for granted!

grrr.... I sometimes want to just tell the other person how I actually feel. But either it ends up hurting them and making them feel guilty to do things for me next time or end up hurting myself in the process!

I have closed in so much!!! Man! gimme a break you know! sheesh! last year was a spectacle why continue it this year??? I am enjoying it but breakaway free... sigh!

Every step hide hide hide...

27 January, 2007

They forced me to shift into new blogger. I couldnt log in to the old blogger....

FUCK them!

Snow Angel

24 January, 2007

It SNOWED....!!!

fLAKES of Ice, Cold and WarM at the same time... Cold, my ass is freezing. Warm to be with frnds freezing our asses together. Susie threw a tantrum, she wanted to do the freezing all by herself!

And hence the pic!

Pri went crazy... Her first encounter with snow and BOy! did she welcome it with arms wide open! She was like missile woman... Weapons to destruct... Pathetic aims shaky because everyone was doubling with laughter.

Tij dedicated to create a snowman(i think he changed his idea to a taj mahal for miss.meow in the middle but ended up Indianizing it by making it look like 7Stones!!!)

Rahul- voice mail... grrr...

Shashank, I wish Sneha was there with us. Sneha Snow for u!!! the post dedicated for u!

Serendipity... Dreams come true!!! It will.

I usually dont like waking up people who are sleeping. But I could not not wake up people. I had a damn good reason. "Freaked" out on a wednesday!!!:-) dint go for the walk though, yet!

After an hour and more of snow falling and falling all around you, HOT CHOCOLATE... stimulating the senses... We do know how to do that!!! :-)

I actually dusted off SNOW from my shoulder. Always wanted to do that. Tried catching snowflakes like bubbles in the circus. . .

Puma :P to you now... Our footprints will remain etched right next to yours!!!

surya adventure

23 January, 2007

This is a mail that I got from my friend. My bestest Friend and she hesitates to write anything, more like lazy to pen it down. easier to tell it than to write na... i have begged her a million times to write letters but once in a blu moon when she feels sheloves me more that day she will write. its not the english she is bothered about(madam got more than me in boards, beat u in 12th aha ha haha..)
I can see so much of her bubbly self in this mail that I absolutely HAD TO POST IT!!! she is gonna kill me for this... :-) i love you too surya!!! :-)
by the way i forgot to tel u abt my team out day.. here goes the story
it was a bright saturday morning..
got up late as usual n in a hurry got the bus..
no work the whole time..was jus watchin the clock for its "motion"(don think sum thin else)
boss giving treat to the project team..12 of us.. i wanted to go to Taj fisherman's cove (its an awesome place.. super food n along the beech side) but
sir said he was takin us to the RADDISON.. (5 star hotel in the main road)
seri paravaillanu all of us left.. guys in bikes girls in his car.. on the way jus 2 mins wen v started i told him tat i had enquired abt fisherman's cove nu..
shhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh goes the car brake.. "CHANGE OF PLAN" called all the guys who were already half way n turned towards fisherma's cove..
had super food n stood in the beech for an hour..n chatted with all of them for another half n hour.. super time..
u've seen this song in yuva na "hey hudahafis shukriya meherbani...." in tat they float in water na tats this place.. it is rs250 per head..sir said no..i really wanted to go..
SVCE's promised a treat there..i will go with him i think..
n in the late eve around 7 v left frm there went for a local tea shop had coffee n was bak home..
feedbak on the story is welcomed. . .

(any kids? good bedtime story .. animation required)


21 January, 2007

I dream alot. Mostly Day Dream. jobless,slightly sleepy, in a boring class, or while taking essay break(no kit kat- no more eating chocolates!) A closely related situation is moulded into scraps of my life and made to fall into those exact jigsaw puzzles. Exactly the way I want it to happen, the way I want it to be.

The themes are never ambiguous. The settings are well-sketched. But the places are not recognisable by their names. It is the experience is what counts. Faces were fit, personalities suited to my style. Audio has always been clear but not over-shadowing the theme. it flows like the wind over the sea. Ripples shuffling through the waves.

This is the power of imagination. It transports you to a place no one else can be, no one else can see and you are the only one controlling it all. Mesmerizing!!!


18 January, 2007

Many people tell me so oh great your mother single- handedly brought you up and actually sent you to London by herself. Once you get back you will show the whole world that what a great job she has done by bringing you up in this way- independent and responsible to take charge of your life. You will be the result of what your mother has given up or worked for.

I do not know whether I am being rude here or impassionate but my mother has never told me that me going to London, working my ass off, making millions is going to make her proud than anyother parent. She has never once said that what I do reflects the fact of how she is as a parent or that I should do greater things to prove to the world that both of us did make a life without everyone's approval. Accepting this jus demeans the fact that we did this to make our own life for no other reason but ourselves. Not for any other person, not to make anyone else happy or show to anyone that we can stand on our own. Hence, the pressure to do well, from my mother was never there. I still do not feel that I am doing what I am doing for my mother. I am doing this for selfish reasons an even if at this point, God forbid, I mess up my life in anyway I do not think my mother will be any less proud of me or care about anything but us!

I think that my mother is more proud of the fact that I am the person I am because of her. Careers, money and nothing else matters. If I was an event manager gettin 15thousand a month(which can be considered less) and still be the person I am, I am sure she will be proud of me.

Why is it that parents being Proud of their child comes out of "where you are and how much you make???" they love you whether u are screw up or not...

One day Akbar asked Birbal to bring in front of him the mmost beautiful child in the province.
Birbal was quite stumped at the task but went out into the streets but couldnt judge any child.
Next day he brought the most dirty looking kid, hair disheveled and her mother to the court.
He presented her to Akbar and said after searching he found her to be the most beautiful baby in the place.
Akbar astonished at how horrible the kid looked exclaimed, "she is the most ugliest child I have ever seen in my life!!!"
Hearing this comment the subservent Mother of the kid,whose head was bowed in front of the king raised her voice and shouted, "WHO dares call my child ugly? She is the most beautiful and intelligent kid in the world."
Akbar realised then that for every parent their child is always the best, however you may look...

So however badly you screw up your life you can never say that ure ever alone when everyone has left u!

me and the hob

Finally its out of the way!!!

I get obssessed with something. I need it. I am not satisfied with whatever I might be having at that point of time. I guess its a good quality... Extremes are not .. but when the obssession finally feeds you then why not??? ;-)

I made Vendakay Sambhar yesterday!!! It was tangy and slightly watery. Dint think I would make it perfect the first time. I dint. But I am happy... Once more and I think I should be fyne with the measurement!!!

Why I dont get obssessed with other things I wouldnt know!!! hhhuuummmm..... Probably I should!!!


16 January, 2007

I dont understand why I feel so strongly about this stupid Pongal.

My dad called and wished me and he paati had made my favorite dish!!! and now I am more upset... sheesh I never gave two hoots about Pongal of all festivals in Chennai other than the fact that it gave me an extra day off from college!
(which in Christ, I hated. You could find me in shine or edge on a holiday with the same set of frnds from college!!! )

Stupid relatives and hundred problems and I dont freaking care... still it comes to bite my bum!! aaaarrrggghhh!!! I wanted payasam and I dont even like it that much, actually at all. . .
I got nightmares of them! thanks to suri... (not ure fault de!!!)

I shouldnt let this piss me off. . . I dont understand these things pissing me off??? weirdo!!!

I want karumbhu... and nice Rajini movie... grrr... I cant take it when something I want doesnt happen... I need to control... keep things under control more like it! Great expectations in Moderation... humbug moderation... grrr...

I dont understand why I feel so strongly about this stupid Pongal. Stufid Pongal...

the Royal F%#K

15 January, 2007

lavender pj: why do u guys swear so much man? i dont find the necessity to swear for anything at all...
L: its like yea... its to take all the shit out!!!
lavender pj: adhu vardhunu na poi kakoosil po!!!!

dishkaauun... !!!

this is what yenge oorule we call the Royal F%$K!!!

*Esoteric audience*

11 January, 2007

Drops cascading down to the ground
In a rush we are all in
It stops us dead on our tracks
And run for cover.

Sheer force of will
Will not stop nature
Taking its course to shake us out
Out of the massacre
A part we are.

The far away rumble
Reminds us of days bygone
For earth cannot live long
When mankind in slumber we will tumble

*Down pour and the sunshine after that. . .*

blog space!

It was first only a new version of blogger BETA (why not beti???) where change was exciting. I was too lazy to shift to the new version and I had already customized this blog to my liking. So revamping was not on my agenda.

This gave me a push to open another blog. One that is attached to my gmail and I realised that I just do not feel like having everything in this world (talkin mostly about the web world!) integrated into one. You open gmail-orkut-blogger. Its jus not me. I have no concrete reason why I dislike this arrangement but I do. Yesterday, blogger could not be accessed at all. Reminds me of Inching towards the kill. . .

I have my gmail, my orkut is through yahoo and blogger is different. Its like having studied in school, college and post grad you find different friends and though they are similar in ways you cant imagine you'd like to and have given them different kind of space.

I do not want to change! I like the way my blog is now!!!


10 January, 2007

How can you in one second snap out of the brilliant chemistry that you had with a person for so many years?
Its fascinating that one day it is something your proud of and the next moment its something you feel never existed.
I am so unpredictable cant expect life to be, right!?!

Tried my fav mashed potatoes with yogurt... after a lotta heated sessions, finally nailed it.
Everything takes time and every event has variables determining how they will take shape and end!


Indian Corner House

07 January, 2007

R: where the hell are you Tij?
T: My COUSIN is online and I cant use e-Buddy here to chat with him. So I will come lil later.
grumble mumble ...
A: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii welcome back nikhil...
How was ure trip and the places you went to? how was new years? yaa we had lot of fun!!!
shhhhh... !!!
hugs and shakes, initial excitement of somebody new and resume staring at wall, computer, blank. Typing. . .
L: HEY!! look at this!!! say cheese!!! (panner) Fish eye view is boring! see see I am God!
I now look like an alien from outter space!
R: this is funny man..
har har har haw haw haw...
turns and smiles, nods head. kids!!! (MA students doesnt mean crap!:)
A: that picture looks like you are in spl ed!!
L: Come here I will take your picture!
A: you mad I already look like a clown and u want me to take a picture like standing in front of those circus mirrors.
R: ha ha ha... (does nothin else and does this pretty well, experince, which tij doesnt want:-)
sheesh! this is no awite yea... too muc noise yea... i am takin ma jacke and leavin...
Slowly the crowd in the library disperse as the noise inthe Indian corner increases!!!
T: I was chattin with Ms. Meow! she has a boy frnd man! sheesh every door I go to seems to be closed!!!
A: probably in Glasgow!!!
ha ha ha he he he.. hey man don remind me yaar...
punks pass by wondering what the hell is up... righ righ...!
N: we should go to scotland or switzerland!
A&R: i wanto go to paris, maybe the vatican city... da vinci ...!!! we went on a trip right now for free :-)

we should like go through a tours that will work out cheaper
what about accomodation?
naa my brother and sister slept in churches, got thrown out of them and they basically had an amzing adventure...
ooo we could sleep in a barn.
even if pig pees on me...
nnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh on the HAY yaar...
its only 67pounds shall i book it now???
c'mon yaaar .. wha the hellluh!
all of you stop dreaming and start getting ready to study. . .
*groan groan groan*
april the pictures of the trip will be uploaded.. till then

our silence in chattering prevails!!!

Live in to die(today with accent)

06 January, 2007

The joke "We were in love and then we met" is very true.
If ever you want to dump ure boy friend or girl friend please live with them.

No more comments.

Nothing to do with love

I am just happy for no reason at all. I am smiling and smiling to myself. I think I have suddenly found myself more amuzing than before. This is like taking the whole love yourself and also love thy neighbour(he is a taiiiiiwaaanneessseee.. not a better effect than the japanese!! guys too ;-) a wee bit too far!!!

The previous phase thing as someone actually said DID pass by! Not bad when certain things which are intangible and based on faith and belief come true once in awhile atleast. They all do waver at times but the greater force of self preservation always wins.

Aaah I had nice dinner in tasty lahore place and walked back with the thought of the world still moving with respect to the most beautiful moon in the clear sky!
I remembered one of the songs that unni used to sing which I love. . . and I got full inspiration to keep the heading of my blog as you can see it now...

(Over 'n' Out - maaroed from a frnd!!!)


04 January, 2007

I was on my own now. I did not miss home and I accepted the fact that I might one day. I still do not feel the need or want to get back to the life I once had. I never could actually say honestly that I missed anyone from India. Not my mother. Ofcourse you miss people in general cause they were fitted in the jig saw routine in your life. Probably I will miss walking in to the room and find shashank on his computer.

You miss people because you are completely on your own in an unknown land. I must say I think I adapted quite fast. I used to hate(not like walkin. I was used to having my bike running around for me) walking and now I don't mind. And its not about the non-existance of another mode of transport or money saving or anyother reason but that I like it now... I also cant personally accept the fact that I can be so stiff??? that word doesnt even begin to describe the way I feel. I mean I have lived with my mother my entire life and I cant merely shrug it off by saying that she was one of the pieces in a game that I needed at that point in my life. None of them for that matter.

I had a dream last night. My mother told me that I had become very fat and a lot of static in between. In the end I did wake up from my sleep to find that I was on my side of the bed in Bangalore, facing the horse rack (as my mother calls it) which is always filled with clothes used, not used washed and dirty(cause of me, obviously!) and I was elated. I could feel the happiness. I have felt like that just one time in my life before and I know the difference. I was so happy that I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a white wall so close to my face that it wasnt any place for the horse rack.

I turned around and saw the heap on Shashank's bed soon stopped by another white wall.
I am searching for faces. Sheets. . .

Common Things beside the Room

03 January, 2007

Now where do I start about this group? I think we are the "fun" bit in collective word dysFUNctional!!! For starters we meet in the common room! tv distracts the table tennnis game and food brings us together (other than that we all try and tire out rahul in that game but no score!!!)

The whole lot of us that adores the words that flow out of Tij's mouth have kinda pushed it too far by trying silently yet desparetly to take the crown of PJ king! Burger king atleast would have filled our stomach!(Mac D anyone?) he he he

Chef Queen and Sef Sasank(shailee and susie have gone home for christmas) are like the next in line! they make the cake and eat it too... :-) they feed the tired souls who could finish a horse if they dint love horses or are vegetarian!

I am tryin to describe the others and I realise that one year is just not enough! anyway ...
The white "old watchman's cap" and the voice behind it (and not to forget the unstoppable laugh! and i thought i was bad!!) he has a freakishly long lasting stamina to play tt (boost? ever ready battery? whaaaa???)

Pavithra and Lax (who doesnt like the X in his name only factor in his attitude!) dances well but doesnt wanto accept it. Somebody present him a mirror! and its not ballet!!! ;-) ure reputation is not damaged) complete the tamil (mahila?- remember the barn dance gender-bender confusion???) society! one who speaks Shutha palakaatu tamil, one who tries and one who has had enough of it(i think!)!!! ;-)
and ofcourse me... i am waiting for someone to write abt me now in their blog! ;-)


In da hous

02 January, 2007

tra la la
hum hum da dum... doce do with your partner! mmmm la la laa the lead couple criss cross!

after a rather tiring one hour of barn dancing and smiling for pictures endlessly the rising devils took off from west harrow in the dream of catching a bite in taste of lahore, no chennai dosa, no taste of lahore its near, no west harrow restraunts are nearer cuz we are after all in west harrow, no wembley central chennai dosa. Chennai dosa it is.

Dint touch in had to touch out. Wrong wrong. it was suppose to be free after 9.30 blooodddy hell. I am not gonna lose the maximum fare on the day when i thought it will be free. Northwick park. Home so near yet so far. Comfort vs the harsh cold emptiness of the growling stomach that can be calmed right beyond that border. those doors. open open open. . .

back to the station west harrow. Touch and go! go to find some punks had jumped out of the tube and pissed the driver. stuck again. Police walk in and walk out. we finally get to Northwick park again. Same feeling of gravity. I resisted it. This is a fight and I bloody well needed to win. Doesnt mean that i need to talk my way thru it. silence.

yenna kovamma? ille dah, pasee hmmm... chocolate coated bread! crisps never caught the taste buds in my tongue, good one less fatty substance that was the last time I was gonna have chocolate. Resolution. dont want to talk about it. they dissolve in importance. like many things in life.

singing in the tube, Sliding Priya, yelling japanese, jumping tubes, half the stations closed. time running out,
countdown became our step.
step 1 : 10
step 2 : 9

step 9 : 2
Happy new year. The moment passed, whizzed us by! the minute travelled slowly in a millisecond.
It always happens. Never there when you really need.

What am I doing here in London without being in India with my family?
-- I would have been watchin a movie on tv.
Are you cryin?
-- No. this is perfect night ... lights and water with the buzz of fireworks.
You know what? I am not thinking anything right now! My head is blank, white sheet. Nothing lasts forever!
-- how can that be? gimme one year. No a lifetime and I will show you forever.
but you are right my mind is blank as well.
how can that be? is he missing anyone from back home? I am not. thats somethin in his head! how can that be?

then came the cream that tops the whole desert of an experience. songs with guitar! rahul his voice is like heaven! croon swoon and sway till someone dropped to fall asleep.
I forced people to stay awake for the sunrise
beautiful sky... I wanto pee!!!
uff... jus another year!


01 January, 2007

I want to eat vengaya sambhar!!!
boy the things you miss when ure away from home!!!
take tamarind and squeeze it with water to get puli thanni... yeah right finding the ingredients in london is so easy! co co nut 2-3 pounds... in simpler terms 270bucks... take a hike. . .

one pasta coming up!!!
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees