Bear Hug

23 July, 2009

This is the cutest thing I have seen in ages!!! Lion gives bear hug

Straight shot

21 July, 2009

I don’t remember this happening ever in my life. The odds were really stacked up against me. Me being in Bangalore, that is, until today! I was riding on my scooter to Alliance Francaise in VasanthNagar when this joy bringing event occurred. As the event began to unfurl I wanted it to go on… Continue… and break a record. More like, make one! May be I have clocked these sort of timings in Chennai or may be that was also wishful thinking.

First was the “green shoot” near the Tamil Church, the immediate next one near Vellara junction. The red as I was nearing it shifted to green and let me pass through. The signal right before the turn into Residency road, I am positive I jumped the signal there because I did not want to break the flow :) – of traffic that is :).

Four signals straight and I did not have to stop for neither the signal nor the traffic and this was at 1 PM in the afternoon when everyone suddenly pops out of their respective offices for lunch.

This is a first and due credit shall be given! :)

New Moon

17 July, 2009

No no no!!! Jacob looks like a Hispanic not a boy in the Reservation!!!

and DONT get me started on Pattinson! Do you know HOW good Edward Cullen looks in my head???

uugghh!!! I did not feel this way about any Harry Potter characters or any other book!! But this one is like Torturous love...


14 July, 2009

The small town of Forks in Washington State, in which Stephanie Meyers ignited the eternal passion between the Vampire Edward Cullen and petit belle Bella Swan, is now the new Roswell, New Mexico when the alleged UFOs crashed in 1947. Garnished with the Cullen House and topped off with a bunch of dishes named with characters from the book, this town has been vamped!

(LOVE the series, love the book cover [– Forbidden Fruit indeed] )


12 July, 2009

Oh Boy!!!

its been long since I saw a good film. Well, its been weeks at least! I loved this part of Transformers. I did see the first one, really late. I mean I saw it on tv. So the sequel came faster than I had to wait. I am happy that I dint have to wait for a longer period of time. And like one of my friend's friend said, I wish I was in an old theatre where I can hoot and shout during a movie.

The whole movie experience has become so personal. I loved it when we invaded personal space. Without obviously the gropping men or the ones who try really hard to play footsie sitting in a seat behind you. Anyway, other than the fact that I would have liked the theatre to have more noise or volume when the Autobots fought, the movie was a mixture of Bollywood masala, action and a few laughs (really well placed ones). Then it had the age old hope of the Egyptians having secrets that would finally be revealed to human kind -- the present. The more I look at Egypt, the Pyramids, Edfu temple, etc the more I want to go back there and learn more about their history. This is one of the few things in life I realised that I cannot get enough of!!! :)

Let me end this post this way... I LOVE BUMBLE BEE!!! :)


11 July, 2009


I am insecure.

I am possessive.

I am hopeless.

I am done.

Someone save me from me!


07 July, 2009

I obsess. A lot! But I don’t like obsessing. For me, it means trying to, or trying for something that I know that I might not get. This means I am in denial. And how can anyone be in denial if they know that what they think is reality is not it?

I am highly annoyed with what life has got staring at my face right now. I have always made my life decisions on my own terms. I did, once, deviate. But that did not last long and I hope this one doesn’t too. My younger cousin sister, my first cousin, is getting engaged next month. I am very happy for her and I am sure that I am not ready for marriage right now so I am glad that I am not in her shoes. I am, which I cannot completely deny, jealous of her. She and many of my friends hail from families who are orthodox, who wanted them to conform to a particular set rules, to follow their parents lead and most of all – not to fall in love with some one be it from the same cast, sect or otherwise. And, in the end, these are the same girls who found love and married a guy without their parents’ complete blessings.

I don’t think I had that problem, given the fact that my parents had a marriage of their own accord. They have always given me the freedom and believed that I would make the right choice as I have done with many other paths in my life. But, here I am stuck with the cruel truth that it has come down to letting my parents choose the guy I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I cannot, just cannot accept that I have to let my parents take the decision for me. Or even give me the options. I feel I have always created my options. Did I want to do Engineering? Or Journalism? Those two were my options for my life. Did I want to continue with biology or take Computer science, was a decision I gave myself to take. So I am just not able to digest this and hence I don’t feel like getting hitched to someone who my parents bring home.

Grrrr….. freaking pissed!


Q n A

03 July, 2009

I think for once in my life I am really lost.

I usually have options. May be most of the times the choices are:

a. Not lucrative
b. Lucrative combined with the ones that are not and most often than not I would be in the situation where I am forced down with the choice that I don't want to make.

But this time I am in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go. I don't want to be in the place I am neither do I, will I be able to move from where I am!

I am for once making sense, in my opinion but that, in this case, is not helping me one damn bit! I think its me. I cannot manage to sit in one place for too long.

Interesting find n question: If I cannot stay in one place for long, then what work should I be doing?
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees