why to blog anymore?

29 January, 2006

i dont understand!! i seriously dont.... ok i get it tht u dont kapish wat im blabbing bout either!!!
here goes nothing... why has this whole system of blogging become an unusuall path way to unleash at some one whom u cannot say things on their face and more confusing is wen the other peerson readin ur post indentifies with some of ur writings and pressume its about them and this whole thing becomes an online fighting arena!! if i am writing about somebody i dont like i WILL mention their names, ON THEIR FACE and if its true to me and my heart i don see anything wrong with that....
now lemme be true to wat i ve written and tell u Shashank, if u ever read this the post.... love and hate is NOT bout u! and guys suck was NOT written with u ONLY in mind....( i do know guys other than u pls gimme tht much credit and don think so highly of urself either) and raja hamsa was , is about u! i am not defending nything i wrote or write in the future cuz i believ evrythin is true unless its fiction thru out with made up characters.
this is not my way of leashi out my anger or frustration at anybody! im not a coward and will stand up for myself in front of those with whom ive a problem with and be frank with them whether they like it or not.. and im not using my blog as a space for jam!

Truly Madly and Deeply!!!

22 January, 2006

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wishI'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong I will be faithful
'cause I'm counting on A new beginning
A reason for living A deeper meaning,
I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever Until the sky falls down on me
And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish send it to heaven Then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the pleasure in the certainty
That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of The highest powers
In lonely hours The tears devour you
i have never felt so much in love with the world and visualised that life could be as beautiful as it was that day! not in a million years wuld i ve expected that the stars in my chart wuld align just so perfectly!!! "sometimes something happens, something really small and it just fits into this empty space in ur heart!!" unni playin the guitar and me singin this song... picture puurrfect! seems like it happened right outta my wild fantasies(talk abot wild huh??!!)
i wanna say so much, describe the surroundings, wer we were sittin who was around.... but it remains sealed in my heart for i wuld not be able to justice to it!
love college and memories to last a life time...

love and hatred


Raja hamsa!

10 January, 2006

yup the trip to pondy is finally takin its shape with the first leg of bookin bus tickets complete! we had a lotta debates whether to drop off due to unbearable circumstances of public display of(hornyness) affection(wich is not controlled inside the college campus how te fuck can it be controlled outside,place far farr away??? DISGUSTING!) but for the challenge to see how much is my threshold can be stretched im undertakin this journey!(jus do it or die machan!) gosh the unbelievable goals i set for myself,is not even funny! ah well! thts me for u! wanting something i cant have is MUCH MORE APPEALING to me than wats given in a golden platter!
Stupidity???? me-best illustration! blow job it man!

Guys SUCK!!!!

09 January, 2006

oh i am so pissed of with the whole of 'MAN'kind!!! Guys are SUCKERS! god they must be banished from the world!!
my friends also dah! the worst part of it! i tot only guys whom u hear of from some one who told someone... but in my case even my friends! as a friend u cant even judge them cuz ur not expected to,and i usually dont. bbut ive jus been pushed off the edge this time....
this 1 guy actually told me to call my other friends(cute gals) so tht he can flirt with them, hey wen are r u gonna give ur friend's intro to me? shall i leav her home seems to be alone!!! i dont want u to talk to anyother guy... can v jus get physical and not ve a committment? what kinda shit is tht man? aaaarrgh!! and i cant believe tht society expects us,women to actually live with one o those creatures til death do us apart!!! aiyo!wishing death wuld play its part faster than i can say fuck you!

Vital Signs

07 January, 2006

perched on the roof
sat on the wall
slided down a ladder threatning to fall
of the two who mean the world to me
gosh i cant rhhyme at all.......
The two peices of modern art i must say are my best friends surya and archana! they are my life support! so why is this so hard for me to find a start, a path and the final destination???? some delinquent author must ve hit this same block and coined the phrase "ther are no words to describe how much u mean to me!!!" sucker cant write one proper sentence bout ur loved one aa gaye article likne!!! those words seemed so used N overused!!! but now they dont seem like such pathetic words to me after all... nah!!! i gotta ve a better xcuse tha tht rite???? hmmm.... playing tug o war with that bloody thought fox of mine....
Dire Straits:
i dailed 911 and asked my friends for help! yup the same ones im writing about!!! woah woah...! dont u dare critisize me im playing my trump card which wuld be"what are friends for if u cant ask(shamelesly) for help??" ok im predicting my own future and i can see tht the crystal ball is sayin tht those who were considerin talkkin to me are going to 'accidently' lose my num in a kumbmela or conveniently ve their internet connection disabled due to some inter galactic electrmagnetic disturbance!!! FYNE!!!!! have it ur way!
oh and FYI the distress call dint work the way i whoped it wuld. our memories were ditto except certain things ve beeen prioritised differntly. obviously i cant be my own best friend na?[tht too with 2 awesome chicks like them. i hope u got the hidden meaning otherwise, NO Hope] i can be my own best friend except tht the post has been churoafied by them!! I was for some days surya' walking stick and radio FM (teasing her with mella nada mella nada meni yenagum!)wen her eyes were dilated. due to the inspiration acheived by this i joined the school choir team cuz i could always sit behind archana and prtend to be singin; anything to bunk those torturous classes man! ANYTHING!!! damn Mission 'WRITE ABOUT FRIENDS' Compromised!! writer tuk off on a self raving spree otherwise known as takin the easy way out! aaaarrgh!
In short befor everyone reaches their graves:
i LOVE Them!!!! form surya's embarrasing "Thambbri" (callin any guy bro) to archana's "ANY place is fine by me"(wen asked to decide on a place to ooru suthify) they are the only two people i wuld run bak to after having finished a tiring day's work to start off on an equally amazing nite party!!!(pervy!)

Bak to square one

02 January, 2006

Ah! well all things as they say do come to an end(wat i dont understand is y so soon???hmph!) first day of college and tried to execute a mass bunk nut as usual... big flop!!! we can organise the best of parties, and events but one day complete mass bunk??? noooooooo.......... i cant believe im prayiin tht i get to mass bunk on class b4 completing college life here in blore! sleep with a cute guy, go bunjee jumping, once more to goa.....YES!!!! hmmm.... unpredictable eh?
hey this is a new year! 2006 my poor granns heard the numerology predictions on the tv wich sid 2+6=8 not a gud yr?????!!!!!!!!! wwwwaaattt the hell do they think of themselves man??? inspire dont depress!!
oh god i jus have to note this down...... My dad was HILARIOUS this time wen i had gone to chennai... usually he's reserved and tries to act lik how every dad shuld act towards his daughter,,, like a dad!!! his stupid jokes..... wat is the national bird of India------ Tandoori Chicken..... 'ne bus le erinalum bus un mela erinalum tickect vange pordu neee......acccho!!! i wanted to die.... he was very happy with himself 4this and so was i!!!!
then wat else can i cramme into one post???? ah!nothing comes to ma mind as of now cuz its bloody frozen due to this weeather..... jus need some days to adjust,settle bak into home!!!! till next time ciao
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees