Yellow Bag

26 July, 2006

He was the first guy who ever caught my eye. the moment i lukd up, college seemed a different place. colors flyin around and yet the sunny side brightened my day. Always
the sun and the cresent became irreplacable part of the hours...!!! an hour flew by without catchin a glimpse of him. graduation furthered it to months and the final cord cut pushed it to years into 'u never know when'
the sheer excitement of bumpin into him on the road near college or near the place of my favorite hangout sends stars flutterin weightless like a butterfly...
the smile on his face lights up mine... wish i could have this forever but that wuldnt make these cosmic occurances special... jus like he will always be...
Sunshine on a Cloudy Day!!!

Walkin down the lane

25 July, 2006

Walking down the lane
Seems very familiar
I am walking with myself again
In awe of my thoughts of then and now

Step after step
On the graves of my mistakes
Slithering past unkempt
Fall and fallen

Memories to be laughed at
Some filled with remorse and regret
Vivid yet faint
With my every move was a trap

A sensation of me
As I turned saw myself staring back
Smirking at my faults of present
For every future there is a past
That cannot be erased.

Jack Sparrow

19 July, 2006

Johnny Depp is one versatile actor... chocolat, the brave and my favorite edward sciccorshands, he has done different roles which not many actors get to accomplish. the best part of him is that he makes all the charectors he plays look so real. JacK sparrow!!! his best. You get so much joy watchin him be the conked, drunk and slightly outta his mind pirate... cant call him the villian though... hats off to him!! ALL THE WAY....... Waitin eagerly to watch him play his magic on the big screen.... !!!

Blast to Normalcy

14 July, 2006

The past two days have been filled with the stories of the brave and the dead people in Bombay. The front page of all the daily newspapers, and television’s prime time coverage has been completely hijacked by this incident of terrorism. The men of steel with heart so strong ruled many comments, articles and posts. “Though terrorism strikes the core of the city, still gets up next morning and resumes all work.” Normalcy has been attained. It is a very commendable act of courage indeed. But I find that there is something very eerie and ghastly about this whole attitude of the ‘MUMbaikars.’

Yes the citizens rushed out to help those victimized; yes the city did not give the terrorists the pleasure of breaking down the system but why aren’t they fighting back?
And what is this talk about getting back to normalcy? Can anyone in this world be peaceful with a bunch of fanatics roaming about the place, with the aim to kill?
Well in my opinion, the mumbai log have become like the citizens of War laden areas around the world where bombs are like the passing train every hour. Only unpredictable but accepted that it is an occurrence. They have attained a placid temperament about this. Just another day in the lives of the mumbaikars. I see in every person’s eyes a dead calm not before a storm but of despair.

Well I don’t believe in the peace talks between countries. What is there to debate about terrorists and terrorism? Some decision and action has to be taken before BOMBay becomes ‘used’ to this lifestyle. There can never be normalcy in terror. It is crouching in a corner waiting in agony for the next one to strike.
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees