26 December, 2008

Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive ~Havelock Ellis, On Life and Sex: Essays of Love and Virtue, 1937

In jealousy there is more self-love than love. ~Fran├žois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, Maxims, 1665

Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening. ~Maya Angelou

He that is not jealous is not in love. ~St. Augustine

What is this, what is it that I feel,
Made of slimy green moss and of steel
Her black locks shimmering on his shoulder,
And by the waist that he holds her,

Sends a twinge within my soul
Desire in their hearts burn a hole
I pray to the one stapled to the Cross,
Is it life or is it self-respect, I am at loss

I hear my voice, a voice say,
Tears of love accompanies you on a rainy day
On hot white afternoon with labour’s pay
Its how love is here to stay

Year gone, Year ahead!

23 December, 2008

Another year came and went by. Every other television channel has this program about the year 2008. They have slimy program names like “The year that was” or “Total recap 2008.” So I thought why not write a small recap of what I thought were the highlights of this year. This is in no particular order.

Change in order: Barrack Obama became the first black president of America. Although there was much talk about how the United States of America had come of age, but I believe that they saw in him a steadier, worthier personality than John McCain who would help them through the credit crunch. This brings on my next topic.

Lay-offs, buy outs and Chapter 11: There was more than meets the eye. But what did meet the eye, was unpleasant repercussions. Oil prices rose, people lost their jobs, oil prices fell, people lost their pension plans, oil companies started shutting down, tax payer’s money, their money, is being spent not on them but on the Wall Street. And this is just the beginning. (Like a sinister one liner in a thriller movie)

Terror, Panic and the Foot in Mouth syndrome: The book “India shinning” which unfortunately did not do too well has been succeeded by another book called “Terrorism in India.” It is characterized by its immediate presence in our country. Pages of failed intelligence, screwed up national security, irresponsible comments from well-known celebrities and politicians are added to the book each day. The final launch of the complete works is still kept aside indefinitely.

Moving in, moving out, the Chennai saga continues: Both my best friends, who used to live in Chennai, got married and got out of the country. My mom, because of whom we came to Bangalore 5 years back, has got her promotion and has been transferred back to Chennai.

Amidst all of this and much more, my blog turned a year older (again!!!). I created this space December 2005 and the blog has completed three years of existence. I want to do something special or write something nice. As I cannot think of anything out of the ordinary, I will accept pRicky’s suggestion of choosing my five favourite posts. One from each year is a restriction which I do not want to lay on myself. So let me see… (Present to past format)

Shades: Dec 11, 2008
Shoe story: 23 August 2007
Mystery of marriage solved due to Ulcers: July 19, 2007
Heads or tails: October 12, 2006
A night to remember: December 16, 2005

Things keep happening and keep changing. And then there are certain things that don’t. I still want to kiss Keanu Reeves. I still love travelling. And I can never get enough of writing that too when I am at work! :- )

Mood: Happy, and wanting to waste time at work
Place: Office
Time: Christmas week

P for Pinkie

19 December, 2008

I read this really cute (which translates into informative) article about the pinkie finger.

If you did not know about its strengths, now you do. And about Dana Scarton’s plight.

And for fun, these are a few snippets about the Pinkie finger that I rummaged through the internet (which means I got the info from the first site link I clicked on) to find.

1. People with long little fingers have a high intelligence. (Small pinkies with long finger nails don’t count. Hygiene please!)
2. Holding up the pinkie, as you all know from childhood days, means that you want to pee. Pee for Pinkie
3. In Belgium, you hold up your pinkie finger to order beer. (Maybe some where, at some point of time, the Indians went to a bar in Belgium! Connect the dots.)
4. Last, but not the least, a new (or rather I am noticing them now) trend among the young men in India is to link their pinkies as they walk on the road. (And this is NOT because they are gay. Human Chain? Denial? Go figure!)

I have noticed that if I try to bend my Pinkie finger, I cannot without the ring finger following in its path. My pinkie, the leader! (Many, I have heard can bend their pinkie without having to bend the ring finger.)

Anyway, if you come across more do add em ...


Deep Throat dies

Mark Felt, famously known as “Deep Throat” died, yesterday, due to a congestive heart failure in California. News Link

The FBI informant, helped Washington Posts’ Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal, which led to President Nixon’s resignation, had revealed his identity in 2005.

Uncovering a scandal, sabotage and illegal fund dealings in Mexico along with the resignation of a United States President is what (legends are made of?) great thriller stories are made of.

Never will a journalism class be conducted without a mention of this.


17 December, 2008

I loved his book "A Million Little Pieces" and I am now eagerly waiting to read his next novel. He calls it the "the third book of the Bible". Titled "The Final Testament of the Holy Bible," I am not sure whether I am waiting to read his writing or waiting to see the storm he might conjure up, given the controversial topic it is.

Info Link : What would God do?


16 December, 2008

Today, I got mad at two people who had done nothing but the mistake of calling me and happening to be at the receiving end, of my anger and telephone.

I cannot and do not have the means to call them back and ask for forgiveness and the worst part is if I don’t ask for it today then it won’t make a difference to me tomorrow. This is my selfish need to feel better now.

First is this guy who called from ABN AMRO. I have picked up worse customer care executives’ phone calls and been courteous to them. I was determined to yell at the next one who called from that bank and this time the guy was not annoying. Tough luck

Second is this lady who my father passed his phone to from a sari shop. She was one of the sales people in SM Silks (I might be wrong about the shop’s name because there are so many of them and I really don’t care to remember them). He called me incessantly, when I was on SEC filing slot (at a time when there was news pouring in and only two of us to manage it). I finally picked up the call, imagining the worst of things, to find out that he wanted to know which colour sari I was looking for. Then he thrust the phone into the sales woman’s hands and I, very impatiently and in a curt manner, said that I cannot talk to her as I am busy at work. I also said, please I am only 23 so don’t give saris which older people wear. And after all that jazz, she was sweet enough to explain the colours and ask me to choose, over the phone. (I know it sounds annoying but if I was at the receiving end of me I would have banged the phone down, but then my dad is paying some few grand. Stating that, I shouldn’t forget that she is human and has the right to be treated nicely).

I am pissed with myself.

Muse Leads only once

12 December, 2008

Words that flow incomprehensibly
Fall as tear drops on paper
Seem to arrange themselves right
Ready to be placed in proper sight

Does my muse wake me at day or dreams?
In the closeness of rush hour
My breathe exhales with yours
Waiting for the exit stop to arrive

Crescendo touched and halts at stoop
As lovers part, a magnum opus emerges
Sadness fills the writer’s own,
For now he does not understand
His spirit, language of emotion said
Never to return where his muse had led


I don’t see colours
I view all in black and white,
Many in shades of grey
They tell me snow is white
But for me so is the sky I say
I hear the dog bark,
I hear the cat mew,
And see the crow just like you
I exist in a time,
Before the Eastman blush
Where the gory of blood,
Is without a human touch
We marry in my two paints
Live in one that's yours
But see the crow just like you


11 December, 2008

"Journeys end in lovers meeting,Every wise man's son doth know."
- William Shakespeare

Ever seen a woman on whom you would dare to use a pick up line? And have you ever borrowed a corny line from a well known movie hoping that it would work? Then I suggest, next time, you think again about where you pick up your pick up lines from. Data asks us to look in to literature!

A report on dating suggests that women are impressed if a guy has read Long walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela), likes Shakespeare, poetry and cook books.

For more information click on the article that was published on the Guardian named “Want to find a woman? Just go by the book”

"O mistress mine, where are you roaming? O, stay and hear; your true love's coming."

Moving Forward

09 December, 2008

It makes my life easier. I have better control over my drawings, free art as I would like to call them (It is like free verse, not abstract but a try replicating the original, an imagination and I fail). You can find them on facebook. I try to convey messages to my friends through those pictures. Well, my drawings are not the point. What I want to talk about is the mouse, attached to my laptop, which helped me have a steady hand while I drew.

The mouse turned 40 today. Here is the link to the article in BBC. (Please do watch the first video in the article.) Dec 9th, 1868 was the first time Douglas Engelbart, the mouse inventor, demonstrated the usage of this technology which we all have grown to love. (And I thought and believed hands free was good and cool. My mistake!)

Yonder was the age of discovery
Now is the age of invention
Future maybe the age of creation or re-creation

Every week in the online version of The Guardian, Culture section and in the sub-section, Books, Billy Mills ( a poet and small press publisher in Ireland) asks writers to contribute poems about certain topics that he chooses. This week it is about Railway Lines. I am trying to widen my horizons and write about topics that are given to me. (To filter stuff in and out) Lets see where this leads me to... (Destination somewhere with success I hope!)

Two lines made of metal
That never meets,
Connecting each life in cities
Departs are anything but sweet

Pebbles skid off the wheel’s edge
Are far for none too long,
First a mountain, hill, now a hole
Train sings its arrested gong

Passing through a rocky cascade
Asks who to break the fall,
With unsure, cupped palms outstretched
Catching a single tear that says it all

It then goes back to begin from start
Train timings, like happiness is fickle,
Silently the windows watch stations arrive
Daily occurrence a repetitive miracle

Random Thoughts

08 December, 2008

I am feeling miserable after one week of great fun. Shashank come back! Found dinosaur print in Chunchi falls.

Truth is so over rated. It satisfies the Selfish need for a person to be ridden of their guilt.

Somewhere there was a cat fight. My cat was in it. *Scratches and Bruises* Ugly Betty was a hit with my relatives. She Behaved.

I bought Meet the Spartans pendant.

I dreamed that I was building a temple, on the road that leads to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Religious and Political. Brilliant!

Three- One more than an eye. One short of a car.

I would want to be a wedding planner if it wasn't for the large amounts of smoke!

I need people who are not available and I am unavailable for the people who need me. Live?

My eyes rest as slumber is awake
sun light nudges me to a shake
I cast it aside in an unassuming grunt
normalcy, here, faces the brunt
A night life filled with neon rays
chalky white marble floors
While the sighted moon shies
behind the night's cloud
I want to scream and curse aloud

Night has lost its charm
Morning its necessity

I found true love. In a couple of people. Do I wait for one with all the features or do I just get hitched with them one at a time?

Of all the sentences if you guys pick the last one to comment on, I will kick your cute toushie! :P
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees