22 February, 2009

I am feeling like shit. I really dont like it.

I am going to do what I want and when I want... And I need to stop whining!

Well, after this post I will stop :)

I now know why I shouldn't get into that mess again. Check
I know I shouldn't be getting into any mess. Check

Thats it.

oh my mouth hurts after the trip to the dentist and I dont like those species of doctors!!


News for Harry Potter fans, And something abt an xtraordinary day

20 February, 2009

News: From the Guardian
Oh and by the way please do check out MS Corley’s blog - - his interpretation of the Harry Potter series. Classic


I am finding it hard to live with everyday life after experiencing an extraordinary one.

Extraordinary day = on a daily basis = heart attack (too much adrenalin)

Daily ordinary day = exists only to make the extraordinary one = alive

I crib about both to write a stupid post like this

Love talks

11 February, 2009

It is the week that leads to the V-day. Naturally, all the papers have something or the other related to love and Valentine’s Day. Some how or the other, people tend to forget the story about how the day came into being. Hence, there are loads of reminders that do the rounds.

Here are the links to a few articles that caught my eye. I will keep updating the list from time to time. If I do stop, then I am bored with the topic :)

Let me start with something close to my heart. In my own backyard, so to speak. I wanted to write about this the day it started but then I felt so strongly about it that nothing but profanity emerged on paper. Somethings are better left unsaid but definitely gifted! Because chaddis are forever.
-- Facebook women say 'knickers' to pub ban bullies

This is one of the articles that I read - - my top pick. How to bank on the romantic cash strapped citizens of the world. Well, it is not that grave but it is highly romantic and private.
- - Heart-shaped island highlighted by Google Earth becomes hit with lovers

The following article is to throw caution into the wind. If you are proposing, the time and place is quite important and it would save you a hell of a lot of trouble if you know the person is going to say yes. A proposal really tests the person’s judgement of how romantic he/she can go with the partner. Well, that is if it does work out.
- - Please, no love on the menu

Beat her to V-Day? The news about Rihanna being beaten up by boyfriend Chris Brown has hit all the newspapers. Really a pathetic reminder for all not to stay in demeaning relationships, however hard it is to see other couples in love. Better single than dead.
- - Rihanna cancels Indonesia concert

Until next time :)

Golden Globe, BAFTA and now the Oscars?

10 February, 2009

After waiting for a really long time, I finally caught Slumdog Millionaire on the big screen. I can describe my reaction in three small words. I loved it.

I cannot possibly comment on whether this movie is a worthy contender for the Academy awards simply because my tastes in movies are completely different. I might like one and not like another and both would be nominated for the award. But I can definitely say this, contrary to what many believe, Slumdog Millionaire has been made in good taste.

Amitabh Bachchan, most often remembered as the angry young man of Bollywood cinema, posted comments on his blog which accused the film of projecting India as a Third World country with a "dirty underbelly". I want to ask him this: Did you actually watch the movie Mr.Bachchan? And the question to your question, have we ever tried? And made a movie this good? If you haven’t, other directors haven’t, then obviously we wouldn’t ever know whether that movie would be nominated for the Oscars would we?

What I took away from the movie was a new or renewed Indian dream. It does not have to be making money by attending a reality television program, it is about keeping your dreams alive, and however difficult the path may seem to be. Even a person living in one of Asia’s largest slums learns something from life. It is also about ever lasting love and commitment in a place which has so many more factors that could tear apart a couple. It shows India for how it is. Aren’t all the actors in the film industry surviving because of the crazy fans waiting for a glance, a word of appreciation for thinking of him between the few meals they beg? Would you sign an autograph which has poo on it?

Is this the face of jealousness?

Why are doctors generally not allowed to treat their family? It is because they are emotionally attached and might not be able to focus on the disease at hand. Similarly, may be India needed a second pair of eyes to see and say the way it exactly is.

Sadly in this case, many Indians who feel strongly about India, “patriots” if you may like, have concentrated on how badly India has been portrayed - - kids running amidst dirt and garbage – while all the movies with the husbands beating the wives, rape, Sati, child marriages and physical abuse by fathers, brothers are let to float around in the movie halls without a decibel of noise created. Only because it was directed by fellow citizens? And I am pointing fingers at the movies that, in a way, celebrate these inhuman actions.

Again, I loved the movie. The casting is beautiful. I felt a little weird about Anil Kapoor’s fake accent but he turned out to be a better choice than SRK. One man’s loss is another man’s gain innit? :-) I loved the character of Jamal, at all ages. The brother Salim’s actions and reactions are tainted with the love for Jamal who is in his way to attain a quick buck.
So my rating is: “Must by hook or crook watch it” and an added Kudos :)
Will this movie win an Oscar? The wait is not too far…

Dev D

09 February, 2009

Dev D - - the bewada.

The movie is a “Must Watch”. The first half of the movie is the best part. There are some dialogues that are rib tickling funny. The humour is subtle. Yet the subtleness of it all is obvious.

What can I say about Abhay Deol??? I have become a fan of his! He looks great on screen and I am feeling the same way I felt after watching Socha Na Tha – happy!

Towards the end, the movie kind of dragged on and you wonder where it is headed but the sentiments, reactions, consequences of your actions etc that are shown in the movie are so natural and real. God will agree that I have done some of those things depicted in the movie.

It isn’t make believe story, not pretentious or preachy. The film is shot in the now and how.

I am not sure if I loved it but I did enjoy it!

Lucky Charm?

05 February, 2009

This is the first time I have written my opinion on a movie that released not too long ago. It released in Jan and I caught it in Jan (waaooww!). And it is making me quite happy. Firstly, it is because of the above stated reason and secondly, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

LuckByChance - - The movie got off to a great start. Konkana Sen positively looked old but beautiful as ever. And honestly, Hrithik is a dream come true. If I was God, my best work would probably look like him. (But then I am sure I would have tried and gotten better ... LuckByRepetition!) I gaped and gawked at him and guffawed at the dress he wore in one of the songs (which at first I thought was atrocious but I begin to see how great the outfit looked on Hrithik) and ogled at his abs. I keep repeating to myself and in my other posts that I am not a great fan of abs but seems to me they have been catching my eye. On my way to Ga-Ga stages I would think!

I did not really like Farhan Akhtar in Rock On. I still think he looked like a wannabe stud boy in that movie. Yes, you have a nice sounding voice (Pls note: not a good voice, just nice sounding) but you do not look like a rock star material. And I absolutely did not fancy the costumes they wore (more like the wardrobe from his closet).

Coming back to Farhan Akhtar in this movie… During the movie, in one of the scenes, if I am not wrong, Dimple Kapadia says that every girl and guy who watches a movie should wish that the hero was her boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, I definitely think he can just about manage to pull that stunt off. He has an endearing appearance; a grateful look which spells out -- I have been hardened by life’s difficulties but love the spice life has to offer kind of look going on for him, which I must say is a rarity and pleasant to watch.

Dimple Kapadia, Rishi Kapoor and the other actors in the movie were just brilliant. The exaggerated dialogues, which were never over done, fit perfectly into the mood of the movie. I have never got the opportunity to meet any director but if I had to conjure up one, the person would be just like Rishi Kapoor. Loud, takes credit for ideas that are not his, obnoxious when and to whomever he wants to and hilarious to watch. The other heroine, or of the movie, was nice. She played her part. She played it so well that I want to see her in another movie to actually grasp whether or not she can act.

Other than the fact that the movie’s focus suddenly and abruptly changed, I think the ending was marvellous. There are some people who I know, got everything easy. I thought they were lucky and then it changed. So I know it’s important to have luck and be lucky but no one can have it forever. In the end, you live the way you want despite changing luck. You are walking -- If it rains take out your umbrella, if it is sunny were your goggles but – keep walking!

Out of my ratings of - - Don’t even try, May be if you are bored, Yeah why not, Must watch and Must by hook or crook watch it - - I would give this movie a “Must watch”. Enjoy :-)

White Sheet

03 February, 2009

I SO wish I was in London for the White Rain!!!

Some pics from the Guardian


The Phelps Drama

Michael Phelps was caught on a candid photo which showed him inhaling from a marijuana pipe. People all over the world lapped up this information about their swimming champ. The number of critics that raised their voice is astounding. The sports clubs, fan presidents, etc etc were out to disown him due to the act committed by the once highly decorated sports person. And this felicitation was not too far long back.

I know and understand that smoking any kind of drugs is not good due to its addictive nature, ya da ya da ya da!! We all know the drill but what comes out of this incident is that I think it’s about time that people stopped idolizing certain celebrities and realise that they are also human. They want and they have the right to make a mistake. They need not have to apologise to the whole freaking world to save their sponsorship. It’s a different deal if it was a repetitive behaviour which gets people concerned about his health and the sponsors about their money. We tend to exert pressure on these “sports idols” to be the perfect role model for us.

Make him apologise for regrettable behaviour and bad judgement. Force him into acting because you dream of him in a particular way. It is a price to pay for fame. But still!

No one recognises the amount of unwavering devotion he must have given to his swimming practices. I understand he is an inspiration for many young aspiring athletes but why should we be afraid of all these youngsters only taking the photo into consideration? Would you wish to live your life under constant scrutiny, criticisms? How many of you want to do pot, get caught on camera for the kicks and not see that picture on the front page of sports news?

Not me!
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees