06 March, 2006

crazy is not the word! its drivin me into insanity! gosh since the dayy ma momma to'd me that she is fine if i go abroad ive benn on ma toes searchin for univeersities and applying... typin a resume has neverr been so demanding!!! went online they are charging bloody 1200 bucks fro their "experts to write one for me" after doin jouralism this is crime in broad daylight...
another thing is the propper use of english!!! i ve jus become so used to shrotenin words and the misuse of grammer being rated as "kewl" has basically screwd my life over... seems like i gotta start from scratch!!! the itch is terrible!!! sowy about th sad joke... thths wer the insanity part comes into play!!!
is not easy and its never gonna get th way either is it???? wow!! wonder wen il get into tht position of telln my junies how to go abt things.... someday!!! i realised ive written allota 'somedays in my entries....' il change tht and my laziness.... SOMEDAY!!!

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maximus said...

Someday!! yeah i like that. I ts great that u r tryin to go abroad. I am happy for u. Really!
And some day, SOMEDAY u will visit both my blogs and post comments... Someday!!! eh?

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