Dostana- Wont Kiss and Tell!

17 November, 2008

Ok with the picture as your guide you already know what I am going to talk about. I just finished watching Dostana and I am still in shock!

The movie is like any other Karan Johar movie. Full of life, silly jokes, colourful and hot, sexy people in it. And this one had THREE hot sexy actors. I don't remember watching a Priyanka Chopra movie in a long time. But man is she hot. She looks so beautiful! Chiseled and perfect.

Who else is chiseled and perfect? John Abraham! He and the director has done justice to his body. No shirt most of the times and then a strip tease! :)

I have saved the best for the last. My fav Aby Baby! He has gone past being the macho man and has taken on the role of a gay guy so well that I cringed through out the movie. I howled and hollered to Abhishek... I went for happy to sad. Happy that he could play gay so well and sad that he could play gay so well!!! At the beginning I just could not take it. Such a waste of hot guys!

All in all a good movie to watch. Twice mabbe cause the first time you are either gagging or too stunned to absorb half of the jokes!! The chemistry between the three of them is unbeatable!!! Probably would rate it 3 outta 5!

5 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Wow! That posts definitely a motivator. Will catch the movie this weekend...

PS - Your word verification says 'balls'! he he damn apt for a gay movie! ;-)

Saadia said...

Dostana's doing well in Pakistan too. We went and saw the premiere show on the 13th. A happy-go-lucky, good looking movie. But isn't Karan Johar getting overly obsessed with sex? Even his Koffee...isn't family viewing material!

crumbs said...

i want! =/

jus me... said...

You forgot to mention the most important scene that has you glued to ur scene - the last last last one that you loved :P

Tsu said...

@Prude: My blogger is bang on time huh! :)
@Saadia: Like it was once said and often repeated... Shah Rukh and Sex sells. Nice movie though!
@Crumbs: Go for it!
@Jus me: yes yes do not remind me!!! I am still very upset that I wasnt in John's place! sigh! :)

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