25 August, 2009

This is just plain ridiculous. A shower curtain with a picture of Robert Pattison’s face!

It is the first time I wish that I could really draw well. I would have tried to paint the guy, who is Edward Cullen, in my head and THEN people will know the difference.

Oh well, if they don’t I have Edward Cullen in my shower! J

3 Scribbles:

jus me... said...

if you could sketch i'd make you draw one for me and put that up in my shower. this face is so not the one i wanna be facing when i'm takin a shower. he's creepy.
maybe we'll just stick to christian bale, johny depp types for now eh? :P

Tsu said...

LOL!!! For sure!!! Johnny Depp babyyy! :)

Prude said...

This is your bathroom? OMG!!! I've gotta go get myself an Edward Cullen pillow cover or something! :P

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