29 September, 2009

I am changing... Very slowly. I can feel it now more than ever. The things I used to do, now give me no joy and the things I said are kept under a tight leash. For one, I used to shower upon my loved ones the phrase "I love you." Either with family or the person I am in love with (Note: in Love at the moment) or friends whom I dearly love and adore. But now those words stuggle to leave my mouth. Its like I dont feel it, I dont say it and the funniest part is that I havent felt like telling it to anyone in ages. Am I full of myself right now? May be? Do I want to be this way? May be not! I dont like this cat on the wall phase that I am in. Infuriating!!!

(P.s. I also think I am beginning to like mush! but that does not account for corny teenage one liners.. thats just unpardonable. I should have named this bloody introspection one O one)

Just a small one that I thought I should write:

What is love that hath no kisses,
caresses of the finger tips
what is love that hath no rhymes,
mimicry of a poet's times
what is love that hath no distance,
a blatant debalcle of desparation
what is love that hath no question,
its answer contained within.

3 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

naaah, I think you are just missing my presence in your day-to-day life ;)

sravan said...

it's just that you haven't got a hike in your work for a long time. atleast i think it is.

Prude said...

Maybe you just need emotional space...before you go back to your old affectionate self. Everyone needs that time in a cocoon when they don't have to forget be nice but they don't have to say they love someone either. It'll be beter soon.

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