Twilight - And now the movies series!

27 November, 2009

There's nothing like an unsolved mystery to keep you up at night
-Bella Swan

Isn't it supposed to be like this? The glory of first love, and all that. It's incredible, isn't it, the difference between reading about something, seeing it in the pictures, and experiencing it?
- Edward Cullen

OK! So you guys already know that I loved the Twilight book series. I was kind of hell bent on not watching the movie cause I remember Robert Pattinson only as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. I have nothing against him playing different roles but Edward "Perfect" Cullen is not him! I keep repeating and I would say the same even after watching and liking the movie - You should see the Edward Cullen in my head! Robert Who wouldn't stand a bloody chance!
Anyway, at the beginning of the movie I couldn't get why Robert is playing Edward but somewhere in the middle of the movie he started to grow on me and at the end of it, I had accepted him as Edward of the screens! There are some parts of the movie that I would love to see again in the theatre. The effect and cinematography in certain scenes are amazing! The part where he carries her and runs and the way they have ripped the concept of a romantic date into teeny tiny bits when they show the view from the top. I did not consider myself as a romantic person until I read the books and I am sure there much better romantic novels out there, published that I should be ashamed that I figured it out with THIS book! But I am not and I am gladly passing judgement saying I thank God it wasn't Mills & Boons. :)
Both the lead actors can't act if they are told to in a particular way but if it's a natural sequence then they are quite believable. For example, when Bella Swan is made to sit near Edward Cullen in Bio class and he is desperately trying to keep away from her and her smell. He looks constipated! As if he HAS TO GO right then and there but with some sheer force he is holding it in! But then he looks peaceful when he asks Bella to come over to his place and he puts his arm around her in the school. Bella on the other hand, who also cannot act very well, is all over the place. The book has the support of words to explain minute emotions but in a movie with no background narration, her desperation, her desire, her unmanageable craving for Edward is just not expressed. Dead Pan Expression! But on the whole, I really liked the movie. I guess die-hard fan of the book mushed me into not being able to unlike the movie! Sigh!
Nothing beats a good romantic movie AND a Vamp... I am so there baby! :)

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Prude said...

I think the movies were quite awful but then sighhhh the books were can't put a word to it...irresistble? I love the concept of the forbidden fruit and I just cudn't resist it in this series!

Edward of the movies is so not edward Cullen! He's ugghhh and his lip...annoyed the hell outta me!

But who would you have chosen? I think I was enamoured by Edward and would have loved to have him but in this life I would've chosed Jacob.

Tsu said...

the pink lips bothered me as well and not in a good way! and uuggh!!! Edward is soo much more! :P

Although I would like to believe that I would choose Jacob, I would be so mesmerised with Edward, exactly the way I am now, and wont be able to say no to him. If I say yes to Jacob I will always wonder how it would have been forever with Edward n thats something I cannot live with!

I can live without Jacob for which I am feeling like crap! but I LOVE Edward and nthing else matters

Prude said...

I've met an Edward...and I have been slightly mesmerised but it hasn't been right. And even then I decided to wait for Jacob. So never going to wonder.


crumbs said...

I seem to be the only one who missed the Twilight fan bus. Will you disown me if I tell u I have not read a single book in the series?

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