Fantasy Fiction

07 August, 2012

One year has passed by as whimsical as a fantasy, a spot of fiction that turned into reality. 

I was more ponderous in my teenage youth - a derivative of spare time. I am more practical in my late twenties - a fall out of fractured time and a grapple to stay alive. 

Alive in those desires that made you push through school and college. The drive to succeed, the subtle comparison against peers, the holding hands through the hardships and heart breaks. What was then thought of as hard now seemingly unnecessary. And this there is growth. 

I know I have grown in ways I cannot begin to believe I could. Yet, I still feel I was this strong when I was a teen. Early twenties spoilt me with courage to do the wrong things in life. Not rebellious, wrong. Not irresponsible, plain stupid. I thought I could never get through those life-upsetting situations but I just had to look back to who I was and get her back because she knew how to live. How well to live and to love myself and to dance to bring a smile on my face.

I am left alone with my memories - some bitter some sweet but most of all I am left with the better part of myself and I am never going to settle for anything lesser than I deserve. 

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