Jack Sparrow

19 July, 2006

Johnny Depp is one versatile actor... chocolat, the brave and my favorite edward sciccorshands, he has done different roles which not many actors get to accomplish. the best part of him is that he makes all the charectors he plays look so real. JacK sparrow!!! his best. You get so much joy watchin him be the conked, drunk and slightly outta his mind pirate... cant call him the villian though... hats off to him!! ALL THE WAY....... Waitin eagerly to watch him play his magic on the big screen.... !!!

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Danny said...

Depp makes me wanna take a dip in chocolate sauce every other time i see him!Now he is wat every woman would call "Death-by-Chocolate"!

ujju said...

@tsu: he is really good. i dont think he's amazingly good looking buut he is one great actor..and yes.. he is versatile and its great...how many can do that many diff roles?

@danny: ayyyyyyyyyooooooo! why? WHY?

pRicky said...

i loved that movie.
i love the pirates too
brilliant i say
also keira knightely...

Anonymous said...

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Me Thinks.. said...

I think he is very good looking..versatile to the t..and very hot! sigh! Pirated my unmentionables!!

pRicky said...

nice template is what i wanted to say.
this one is the different one.
think matrix producers would make another series with THE DIFFERENT ONE?

Anonymous said...

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moi said...

@tsu: yup, edward siccorhands!!! awesome movie, like the first english movie i watched on star movies..and he jus get s better! at least he should have been sirius black..sigh..

@danny: first of all, u come online to blogosphere once in a blue moon, then u leave such awesome stuff...yapaaaaaaa!!!!

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