Walkin down the lane

25 July, 2006

Walking down the lane
Seems very familiar
I am walking with myself again
In awe of my thoughts of then and now

Step after step
On the graves of my mistakes
Slithering past unkempt
Fall and fallen

Memories to be laughed at
Some filled with remorse and regret
Vivid yet faint
With my every move was a trap

A sensation of me
As I turned saw myself staring back
Smirking at my faults of present
For every future there is a past
That cannot be erased.

1 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

I love the way u write..i really do. your poetry is too good and the words u use are mind blowing..I am ur biggest fan! poetry has never been so happening!! I like the fall and fallen part and graves of mistakes...sends a chill down my spine..love this one..

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