For sometime I will be

28 March, 2008

I am a born optimist,
The world made me a depressive
My indecisiveness will lead to my downfall,
Dreaming high and mighty tall.

Bones and bones is all I am and can be
In ashes you will see me live
My grave, my lies and, my sin,
Alive they are, are my kith and kin

Painted by every stroke of the magic wand
the curvature has skewed my being
I am a distorted profile of myself
Hold me , Hold me tight
For I am ... For sometime I will be...

4 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

you were right, this IS depressing...
but the eternal optimist that i'm i'll take heart in your last words...
"For sometime I will be..."

Prude said...

This is one of ur best.

In ashes you will see me live...for sometime I will be...

So true. And ironic. But I think that 'sometime' has loads of significance even tho it might all seem futile.

Beginnings are kinda scary...endings pretty sad. But its the middle that counts...the part where you give it your best and then nothing else matters.

Tsu said...

@Crumbs: good luck being an optimist!!!
@Prude: thanks hun! nothing else matters.. sigh

Me Thinks.. said...

Holding you tight...

Awesome poem, now you know why I dont blog!!!!;)

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