Signing off...

25 March, 2008

I could not function yesterday. I was demotivated to head to work. All I could think about is those three magical days.

Amchi Mumbai, as people call it was everything I expected it to be. Hot, Humid and so comforting. I reached the Chatrapathi Shivaji airport late but I spotted my friends immediately. At that time I couldnt care less about the flight that came late or the monday when I need to go to office.

He kept saying that his house is small and that I might feel claustrophobic being a huge gang. I, for the first time, realised that size really does matter. Huge, welcoming hearts his family had. I felt I knew them since a long time.

He was forever asking us to come to his farmhouse. He described it to be 4 tents hoisted in the middle of a pig sty where we needed to poo between the broken branches of a palm tree. No palm trees in that hill station. Only strawberry fields. No pig sty. Only Emu breeding area. We had come to the Wild!!! Expect only him to do this to us!

The drive to the airport was not the hardest thing to do. Hugging the three of them and saying goodbye just felt horrible. I dont know what this is. This feeling. I have not felt like this ever. I cant wish for it to never come this way next time neither can I wish for it to!

Signing off...

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Prude said...

Love you...all of you! Hang in have many many more yrs with the family from Harrow.

Life's about anticipation n disappointment...ur next anticipation curve has just begun...


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