Roman Romance

03 April, 2008

I laughed with you in the rain
I laughed with you when I was in pain
I laughed with you in Rome
I laughed with you all the way back home

then you went on one knee to propose
the attack as I saw it, I completely froze
Cause I never felt it could ever be
I backed away thinking I was young, wild and free

Now in a song, in a verse, in a word, I wonder out loud,
Can I splash silver paint on the cloud
over my head pouring rain from the heavens
I cant seem to forget the curvature of your butt
to the perfume in your hut,
my heart flops toward you
and this it does to very a few
In my dreams I make you play the part
I envisage for us
Hand in hand as lovers on a Roman bus

This is most ridiculous poem I have EVER written!!!

But so funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny!

5 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Oh GAWD! I feel its dedicated!!! :P PURRRFECT!!!

Am definitely gonna make sure the real life ending is very different!!!

Kudos! :)

crumbs said...

being the pseudo intellectual that I'm pretending to be these days, let me get profound.
your poem, I think is a sublimination of a deep psychological distress that your sub conscious is suffering from, but is not willing to confront. In my humble opinion, there is a pristine beauty in the words
"I cant seem to forget the curvature of your butt..." after all, what is life, it's not a tale of told by asses (or was it idiots?)

yes, I have written too many assignments lately :D

Me Thinks.. said...

I knew crumbs would take the 'butt' route, we still are part of the ASS! Comes naturally, I guess!

I loved the honesty in this one! Funny yes, but sure is symbolic of someone ;)

Tsu said...

@Prude: we need to wait and watch for that!
@Crumbs: I wouldnt expect any less! :) from u!
@MT: u know I am a complete ass person! OFCOURSE its about an ass tat I adore (pun so intended that it cant be ignored!!!)

jus me... said...

I actually READ this thing today. LOL... mixing full seriousness with the absolutely ridiculous :)

so who's butt were you checkin out?

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