06 May, 2008

Do I turn to you, my love

At this moment of tragic inheritance

Or do I turn to you, my passionate word

To lay my bloody sword in meek acceptance

Coerced to the helm, partaken in both

To whom do I bid adieu is my own

Nothing left to perchance

Regret in the aftermath, none of which unavoidable

Love, they say, is blind

Led my hand where the hearts’ foreseen unkind

I have not sailed the seven seas

Nor climbed treacherous mountains

But give myself in his hands of peace

Yet to me the same sweet is my sour

For my words, I never did have to lure

To flow a path they picked

They rose and fell on their torrid fate

Not like anything man can ever make

But words, now owe it to him, their head and their toe

In birth speaketh his name, as in death

In his joy, in sorrow, in his humble and in vain

Here I place myself at the crossroads

Coerced to the helm, with a partake in both

Cause every pride has no more than one king

For I must chose the ruler of my married ring

Do I turn to you, my love

Do I turn to you, my word

5 Scribbles:

sravan said...

Follow your passion, love will follow suit.

The fourth stanza is well laid out and explains the theme perfect.

Well, this sums it all: "Be yourself, for only you can be you."

keep smilin,

Prude said...

Agree with sravan...follow you're passion, love will follow suit. You can only be loved for yourself or not be loved at all...your passion is you, follow it. Love won't be able to resist you!

Amen ;-)

Me Thinks.. said...

Turn to me, my love! Brilliant poem, after so long!

Tsu is back. Love and passion go hand in hand....Always ;)

And I talk from experience!

Tsu said...

@et all: it might not sometimes.. u need to give up something to get what you really want and what will keep u happy in the end.. in life there are no perfect endings. I chose Passion, cause love is a whore!

Prude said...

Yeah agreed! Like is a bitch and love her bastard. But you know's us that whore through it all, different people, different circumstances, different situations.

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