Love and her life

13 May, 2008

Love is like a whistling whore

Sexes and seduces

In tune with her melancholic folklore

She perishes in another’s passionate fire

Consummating her true self

As she beckons her highness, majesty or sire

Any dawn and dusk is far too anew

Spreads and screams

Left thousands who have tasted her on cue

She drags from one man’s arm to the others bed

Coaxes and caresses

In sweet illusion she skips away to the dead.

7 Scribbles:

sravan said...


Muster Peace!


jus me said...

Fitting your mood :-) and so true

ujju said...
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ujju said...

Life's a bitch
Love's a whore
Yet we don't give up,
We still want more.

(forgive my attempts at poetry)

bloody brilliant is all i have to say!

Prude said...


Unatainable. You said it.

I completely understand and I know it hurts.

Take a bow Tsu.

crumbs said...

being in the state of mind that I am, I'm exceedingly tempted to agree with you, and send this poem to someone to boot :D
brilliant stuff dude...what makes your poems so wonderful to read is that you write with feeling...and it's gooood :)

Me Thinks.. said...

its so honest..that it hurts..
Brilliant stuff and ujju hit the nail on the head..

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