Easy comes, easy goes

02 August, 2008

Why is pain entertained more than joy?
Can gravity be blamed for tears to drop?
A thought worthy of ponder, this is my boy,
Human act of inhumanity upon him, has it no stop?

Is reality a good teacher? A guide to follow with rules
Or is he a mere preacher? A walking stick for noble fools
Are we one of them? I innocently dare to ask
Can I answer myself? Truth an inevitable task

For pain, resignation welcomed on a red carpet
This is just the beginning, a sigh, a why
For joy, indignation walled by a tight corset
How long will it last, an end, a goodbye.

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Brilliant but ur poem answered your own question.

I love the way you ask Are we one of them..the preacher or the teacher. If you can answer that question honestly to yourself...you can be anything you want to be in this world.

Someone recently said to me:

'Happiness is finding one's conscious and then being one with it'


Canary said...

Yeah the bombing incident was horrible, but it obviously teaches you the value of simple pleasures of life..

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