Wedding Chimes

22 August, 2008

Jingles of the ornament still rings in my ear

Of a happy life, an end, a begin, with fear

My footsteps traced from the umbilical cord

To the blood ties bonded before the Lord

Tears of joy floods spaces all around

Starry eyes for the days waiting to be found

Fare the well, to the old, with a heart so heavy,

A welcoming smile to the new us and we

This poem is dedicated to my two best friends who are getting married on Aug 27, 2008.

With loads of love, hugs and prayers! :)

Have a great married life!

2 Scribbles:

archana said...

tnx anu... mmmmmmmmuah.. mlove u loads... :)

Prude said...

Beautiful Anu! :-)

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