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08 December, 2008

I am feeling miserable after one week of great fun. Shashank come back! Found dinosaur print in Chunchi falls.

Truth is so over rated. It satisfies the Selfish need for a person to be ridden of their guilt.

Somewhere there was a cat fight. My cat was in it. *Scratches and Bruises* Ugly Betty was a hit with my relatives. She Behaved.

I bought Meet the Spartans pendant.

I dreamed that I was building a temple, on the road that leads to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Religious and Political. Brilliant!

Three- One more than an eye. One short of a car.

I would want to be a wedding planner if it wasn't for the large amounts of smoke!

I need people who are not available and I am unavailable for the people who need me. Live?

My eyes rest as slumber is awake
sun light nudges me to a shake
I cast it aside in an unassuming grunt
normalcy, here, faces the brunt
A night life filled with neon rays
chalky white marble floors
While the sighted moon shies
behind the night's cloud
I want to scream and curse aloud

Night has lost its charm
Morning its necessity

I found true love. In a couple of people. Do I wait for one with all the features or do I just get hitched with them one at a time?

Of all the sentences if you guys pick the last one to comment on, I will kick your cute toushie! :P

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Get hitched to all of them. Take it from a male gorilla, it's just a matter of managing your time efficiently.

Prude said...

I wanna see the meet the spartans pendant.

It's not legal to get hitched with both of them!

I love that walk up to rashtrapati bhavan...beautiful :-)

he he nice one about the wedding planner. but no I wudn't wanna be a wedding planner if it wasn't for the smoke. Somke = haze ;-)

Tsu said...

@ Gorilla: Think of me as a Penguin! (Knowledge from Happy Feet)
@Prude: and if ti wasnt for the HAZE I dont think many would be getting married either! Cant see myself getting married... CANT SEE.

crumbs said...

damn it!
for the love of my wannabe-cute toushie, I shall hold my peace (or is it piece? :D)
yay for ugly betty!
I agree with gorilla. if mr.right is taking his sweet time to arrive, what's stopping you from enjoying your ride?
there! I DID NOT commente on the last line :P

Tsu said...

@ Crumbs: More like PieceS :) and I will def try to take up ze riding the ride advice! ;-)

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