13 March, 2009

I am dying to write something creative. Just one thought, supporting multiple ideas and a mind pleasing article.

I am in business journalism and I have this innate fear of getting creative and writing with flair, a flair that oozes self-confidence. It is not that I don’t understand the concepts (and not that I understand all of them). It is that in a financial market where all the biggies look stupid for making dumb choices that has brought us all here I don’t want to look like I am in the club!

I need to WRITE a story. Instead of trying to piece together a badly serrated jig-saw puzzle, I have to craft lines that tell you a story.

Mood: Introspective (Motivating debate to myself)

I just had to write something. and this is what I came up with! sigh!

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Prude said...

I totally agree.

I've been writing corporate award entries...I'm afraid of letting the creativity ooze and spill out with a vivid imagination which threatens to feel more real than reality. And then I don't want to let that happen for fear of not being professional enough. I need to string the story together and let go...but the words hang and refuse to spill because there's a debate in my head as to whether it is the right corporeity thing to say. Sigh.

I wish we could get paid to just blog.

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