22 February, 2009

I am feeling like shit. I really dont like it.

I am going to do what I want and when I want... And I need to stop whining!

Well, after this post I will stop :)

I now know why I shouldn't get into that mess again. Check
I know I shouldn't be getting into any mess. Check

Thats it.

oh my mouth hurts after the trip to the dentist and I dont like those species of doctors!!


4 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Love, hugs, kisses and the works!

If you ask me...whining is thereupatic.

~P~ said...

That breed....ohhh I so agree....I hate 'em too. Mwwwaah on ur cheek so it heels faster. :)

crumbs said...

woah woah WOAH.
full stream of unconsciousness this post is ;)
And how does one talk to you child, if you refuse to pick up your call?

p.s. about dentists: you and ogden nash ;)

Tsu said...

@Prude and P: thanks hugs back :)
@Crumbs: u rem!!! icecweaammmm yuummmm!

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