Blue Frog

20 October, 2010

I picked the Perfect day to move my lazy arse and travel in the rain till Lower Parel from New Bombay!

What an amazing, soul-filled, mind blowing show. I felt like I was in heaven. The minute Raul Midón walked on the stage for a second I think I underestimated the voice that was going to float out of his mouth. Grossly underestimated! The guitar, the strumming, the lyrics, the trumpet improv, the voice, the voice, the voice and the guy! He was a great entertainer.

After a point I did not remember the yummy French fries I had eaten two minutes ago or the silky smooth mojito in front of me, the whistling girl or the pony tail whiskey drinker. My eyes and ears were glued to him. It is a pity he couldn’t see the brilliant smiles that were flashing across the room but like he said in his lyrics – he could hear the smile on our face!

My favorites of the night, which I am still replaying in the morning on You Tube are:
- Sunshine
- Don't take it that way
- Everyone deserves a second chance
- State of Mind

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