05 October, 2010

I walked in to the same place I have been before. The unforgotten aroma of coffee beans, the slice of chocolate pastry, the same semi-burnt sandwich reminds me of the days of burgeoning friendship. Will she remember me? Will the conversion from cheap talc to expensive perfume deceive her real memories of me? Will the pointed noise from my stilettos drown out the earthly banter of my old sneakers? Will the spa-treated hands slip away from ours, tampered by the harsh sun?

I will walk skeptically

But I will not let go.

I need an answer

And I need it now.

I will show you forever

And I will show you how

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crumbs said...

:) and those memories will be waiting for you at the other end. not to begin again, but just to continue from where they never stopped.

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