Dying dream

03 February, 2011

It is absolutely saddening to have a third person's view on your own life. You are in strife and sometimes the best thing to do is to remove yourself from that position and ask yourself, "if you were a friend and the friend needs help, how will you help her get out of it?" I have my answer and that answer is leading to the slow and harshly painful death of my dream.

I had made plans, plans for a life of togetherness, oneness, of laughter and joy. I had planned castles and the air was not enough place for them. I had plans to drive through the world in a Maserati but suddenly find myself on a Bajaj scooter. I realize it is also not so much about the dream cause we can build new ones, but it is the people in the dream that are hard to replace. The people die with the dream!

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