why to blog anymore?

29 January, 2006

i dont understand!! i seriously dont.... ok i get it tht u dont kapish wat im blabbing bout either!!!
here goes nothing... why has this whole system of blogging become an unusuall path way to unleash at some one whom u cannot say things on their face and more confusing is wen the other peerson readin ur post indentifies with some of ur writings and pressume its about them and this whole thing becomes an online fighting arena!! if i am writing about somebody i dont like i WILL mention their names, ON THEIR FACE and if its true to me and my heart i don see anything wrong with that....
now lemme be true to wat i ve written and tell u Shashank, if u ever read this the post.... love and hate is NOT bout u! and guys suck was NOT written with u ONLY in mind....( i do know guys other than u pls gimme tht much credit and don think so highly of urself either) and raja hamsa was , is about u! i am not defending nything i wrote or write in the future cuz i believ evrythin is true unless its fiction thru out with made up characters.
this is not my way of leashi out my anger or frustration at anybody! im not a coward and will stand up for myself in front of those with whom ive a problem with and be frank with them whether they like it or not.. and im not using my blog as a space for jam!
Raise your Shoulders and Fall back on your Knees, Piss through a Dime For the Whole World Sees