Vital Signs

07 January, 2006

perched on the roof
sat on the wall
slided down a ladder threatning to fall
of the two who mean the world to me
gosh i cant rhhyme at all.......
The two peices of modern art i must say are my best friends surya and archana! they are my life support! so why is this so hard for me to find a start, a path and the final destination???? some delinquent author must ve hit this same block and coined the phrase "ther are no words to describe how much u mean to me!!!" sucker cant write one proper sentence bout ur loved one aa gaye article likne!!! those words seemed so used N overused!!! but now they dont seem like such pathetic words to me after all... nah!!! i gotta ve a better xcuse tha tht rite???? hmmm.... playing tug o war with that bloody thought fox of mine....
Dire Straits:
i dailed 911 and asked my friends for help! yup the same ones im writing about!!! woah woah...! dont u dare critisize me im playing my trump card which wuld be"what are friends for if u cant ask(shamelesly) for help??" ok im predicting my own future and i can see tht the crystal ball is sayin tht those who were considerin talkkin to me are going to 'accidently' lose my num in a kumbmela or conveniently ve their internet connection disabled due to some inter galactic electrmagnetic disturbance!!! FYNE!!!!! have it ur way!
oh and FYI the distress call dint work the way i whoped it wuld. our memories were ditto except certain things ve beeen prioritised differntly. obviously i cant be my own best friend na?[tht too with 2 awesome chicks like them. i hope u got the hidden meaning otherwise, NO Hope] i can be my own best friend except tht the post has been churoafied by them!! I was for some days surya' walking stick and radio FM (teasing her with mella nada mella nada meni yenagum!)wen her eyes were dilated. due to the inspiration acheived by this i joined the school choir team cuz i could always sit behind archana and prtend to be singin; anything to bunk those torturous classes man! ANYTHING!!! damn Mission 'WRITE ABOUT FRIENDS' Compromised!! writer tuk off on a self raving spree otherwise known as takin the easy way out! aaaarrgh!
In short befor everyone reaches their graves:
i LOVE Them!!!! form surya's embarrasing "Thambbri" (callin any guy bro) to archana's "ANY place is fine by me"(wen asked to decide on a place to ooru suthify) they are the only two people i wuld run bak to after having finished a tiring day's work to start off on an equally amazing nite party!!!(pervy!)

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