Bak to square one

02 January, 2006

Ah! well all things as they say do come to an end(wat i dont understand is y so soon???hmph!) first day of college and tried to execute a mass bunk nut as usual... big flop!!! we can organise the best of parties, and events but one day complete mass bunk??? noooooooo.......... i cant believe im prayiin tht i get to mass bunk on class b4 completing college life here in blore! sleep with a cute guy, go bunjee jumping, once more to goa.....YES!!!! hmmm.... unpredictable eh?
hey this is a new year! 2006 my poor granns heard the numerology predictions on the tv wich sid 2+6=8 not a gud yr?????!!!!!!!!! wwwwaaattt the hell do they think of themselves man??? inspire dont depress!!
oh god i jus have to note this down...... My dad was HILARIOUS this time wen i had gone to chennai... usually he's reserved and tries to act lik how every dad shuld act towards his daughter,,, like a dad!!! his stupid jokes..... wat is the national bird of India------ Tandoori Chicken..... 'ne bus le erinalum bus un mela erinalum tickect vange pordu neee......acccho!!! i wanted to die.... he was very happy with himself 4this and so was i!!!!
then wat else can i cramme into one post???? ah!nothing comes to ma mind as of now cuz its bloody frozen due to this weeather..... jus need some days to adjust,settle bak into home!!!! till next time ciao

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