30 October, 2007

Calmness at the zenith of trauma

Sorrow swirling in an era of satisfaction

When not expected the human strength comes into play

Heart pumping, hardening yet made of clay

Anya stood there with her piercing eyes, a look lost in consciousness. Sober, at her decision to leave, she regains her composure. Stunning, you need to look stunning she told herself. 'Herself' protested in anger and despair. She wanted to be there. Right there where all the excitement happened. She wanted wide open spaces, stretch her arms as wide as possible and feel the subtle summer heat caressing her joy to the pinnacle. Tip-toe to scare the birds in to a flight, laze on the field of grass and newly fallen snow gave her delight. Independence had sweet stench.

Yet the undeniable fact was that she had to go.

Crusades of politics unwarranted for

Bells of assurance at your door step

hypnotic vigilance of shakespearan and herculean

potent streamlining in to the walls of thee fortress.

Ananya had to rush. Her keen eyes searched the room, extinguishing the panic that she had forgotten something. Packing her child, her kid and her husband, her kiddo was a task in itself. Tiring yet content she thought to herself. 'Herself' could not agree more with her. She was right there. All the excitement happened with her being the centre of their world. She saw her child play and laugh with no care in the world, her husband who never could get the pancakes in a round shape ever, but never quit trying. Tip toe to scare him and forcing him in to the swimming pool. Roll over the grass with her son and their puppy dog. Committed to life was sacred.

The undeniable fact was that she did leave.

Every move is not an apocaplyse

Apocaplyse is not always for the worse

Desire and acceptance of reality

Endurance matching is a rarity

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crumbs said...

awesome. Peace, not the kind that you thought you wanted, but just what you needed. Perfect happiness.
Couldn't have been better put

Me Thinks.. said...



Beautiful to say the least!

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