Passion Drives

13 October, 2007

I was sitting with my friend. A person whom I have always loved to death as she is my reality check. No qualms about spilling what she thinks I need to know when many have their reservations.

Well thats not the point. One of those days when we are jumping topics like hop skip, jump we get into the conversation of cricket. We have had friends who do not particularly follow the game. Understand? I am quite not sure. But definitely enough to express their opinion. Yet it is not complete. I am passionate about that game. I have gone through emotions in cresents and troughs about this game. I have come back to being an ardent fan. Actually fanatic. If I was in Bombay...

This passion cannot be understood by people who have not been brought up by parents who scream their guts out when Sachin hits a sixer, or moan in agony while we lose another wicket when being 98/4 , or regretting the day we missed the most amazing match against Pakistan 314 to win thinking we would lose, or do the victory dance after a match or curse BBC with all their heart for being on s strike when India won the first world cup! This is all that I have been exposed to and I feel the exact same way. I pray to the Lord when we needed a wicket to win T20. I screamed thanking the high heavens that There WAS a mallu in every corner of the Earth. Yes they are gettin paid well, yes its not fair to the hockey players. Get over it! Cricket was nothing till Kapil Dev came and won, and what a win it was! Drama always Scores! Do something dramatic. And its not a cricketers fault that the BCCI is rich enough to give so much money.

I also agree with the fact that they are humans, victory can get to anyone of us. Why should they be any different? But it doesnt mean that they should be downright criticised that they have no dignity left. Ousting the Tiresome threesome??? Whats with that? How fickle are we to forget that they have won numerous games for us?

I guess people who have never played will never know the crave for victory. Cause they know how losing sucks! Passion drives. Drives me insane during a game which I am not playing. How can anyone understand that without passion?

-- After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.
Aristotle Onassis

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Prude said...

L-O-V-E-D IT!!! Completely agree...passion drives...the surge of power..the thrill of winning something that you're giving your best to...the disappointment of defeat and the fight to win yet again...the joy to watch that display of power and passion is uncomparable. Passion makes the world go round not love. I think...

crumbs said...

thanks man! :P

I'll just go back to what I said before, passion is an awesome feeling.

But then, just because they are in less numbers, does not mean that hocky players OR fans are less passionate. If anything, they are more so, because for them it can never be the is always, ALWAYS, the game. Now that's what I'd call real passion.

The thing, passion often gets covered with so many other things in this world-money, fame, whatever. But real raw passion, its not momentary. So when a cricket fan, who shouts for joy when the team wins, and then slaps the coach and throws stone at the player's house when the team loses, is NOT passionate. He's just riding on another's glory. And that is just sad. And that unfortunately, is what majority of the Indian fans are. And unfortunately, they are also a large part of the reason behind the money in cricket. Now I understand your point of view too-that--you celebrate the victory, lament the loss, without blashpemising the players--that will be a true fan. But how many of those are there?

Passion needs to work with reason, I know that's an oxymoron, (and I know you'd say the operative word's moron too :P) but that's how it is. We live in a topsy turvy world. Go figure :D

Me Thinks.. said...

Passion drives...everything not only this game...

Cricket is addictive and I am hooked..

Hockey will get there, even though I am not that passionate about it..

You triggered my passion! hehe


sravan said...

A G R E E D!!

We seem to want equality in everything, isnt it? women want equality wen they can exercise it in al practicality. All 28734 languages are claimed equal wen ppl can do wth one simple language - english. Now, tz on2 games too - if ppl love cricket, that's not enuf. we have to adopt hockey, coz otherwise .. wat? tz non-democratic? bulshit!

chak de!

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