Indecisiveness traumatic syndrome

07 January, 2008

For every letter, an agreement

For every word, a profanity

For every sentence, a question

For every thought, a suicide

A hesitation guided by intuition
that persists from within
The craving to surge forward
though of nature, blunderous

Shrivelled lips speak none
Dejected eyes look up
at the angels caress and the vultures stare
but both hover with nonchalance
at the junction of mahogany and the mallot
burning desire for the noose tighter
than to suspend in time and again.

Denial is not an option when you have answers,

Wait and want for judgement is worse than the verdict itself.

4 Scribbles:

Prude said...


I read it once without concentration and missed the beauty. I re-read it and the import of every word so well woven hit me full in the face. Most cohesive piece you've written...that implies the same feeling from begginning to end.

Yes the wait is more torturous than the verdict...but sometimes the wait has more meaning than the verdict which becomes irrelevant...maybe not now...but maybe at some point.

Me Thinks.. said...

Forever waiting...

It will be worth it..I sincerely know what I feel about this poem...need I say more?

pricky said...

Dont know why seems like have read them before...

or have we at one point or other spoken about these things?

You havent made it easy for kids who would have to write critical essays on your poems... you seem to have launched in a new style...

Oh and the stupid word verification has a managed something smart...
yet u der? ;-)

sravan said...

i came online only 2 read tiz again coz it reflects wat i feel. was wonderin where i stand n then d first thng tat came 2 my mind was d memory of d last 2 lines of tiz poem of urs tat i read smtm back.

waiting is worse than d verdict, yea! and as always, i envy you for your ability to convert your thoughts to keystrokes.

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