Fools dig deep

15 January, 2008

The chill steel edge slicing my cheek bone
from one empty space to another empty space
a crater,
the salt stains brown
granules of wetness
on all the dried, decayed remains
evidence of a humanly existance,
buried under the flesh
the morbid embezzelments run a coarse streak
through virtue of epiphany

The puff of skin compliment the grey eyes
crow's feet leave no scars
curvatures on the face widen the empty space
filled with confident emotions
yet the exterior mirrors none within
expressions fradulent of nature
Through virtue of monotony

3 Scribbles:

iamyuva said...

is the result of the careful tab on life.. may be.

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind- Einstein

Tsu said...

I hate to use cliched terms but I guess solitude in a deafening silence redefines words for inspiration
Thanks for the quote! Enchances the meaning of my poem!

sravan said...

sathiyama onnume purila. too much hi funda 4r my level. and as usual i cudnt but admire your choice and variety of words! teach me english !!

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