Cut Cut Snip Snip

06 January, 2008


B: "Apun kya karega na, aapke baal jo hai na, usko mein ek tarah se blend kardoonga? Teek hai na?"
A: "Haan teek hai"

Cold Feet:

I had no clue what I had said yes for. I keep questioning myself as to why I allow them to take a chance with my hairstyles. Toni & Guy academy at least had a tutor. The guy who was going to cut my hair came from a Punjabi family who did not take well to his profession. Married to a tamilian girl and grumbling about Pongal he digressed into how he got into this profession. He had dreams about hairstyles. At that moment I was disturbed. I told a guy to have a go at my hair, surprise me and he was looking at a bloody mirage. Not good. Not good at all,I tell myself. One minute I was sitting at the sink getting my hair washed, the next minute nodding my head giving him permission to cut at least a couple of inches shorter than I wanted it to be. I was completely petrified.

He complained that I was young, guessed my age right and told me if I have long hair I will look old. I am not sure what exactly happened there! J With utmost care, gentleness he said that he knew that he always wanted to be a hairdresser. I could see how much he enjoyed his work and was grateful if people did not hurry him up. If he had the time he would spend an eternity with every strand of hair. Such is his passion that exuded in his personality.

Crazy thought:

“Could he hear what I was thinking like the guy in that movie??? Hello mr.sir I love what you are doing with my hair. No complaints at all.” (No reply from him, which meant he did not hear me. Continue thread of thought!)

Clarity from Chaos:

Before I knew people had queued up behind me waiting for him to cut their hair. They wanted no one but him. I was thinking what is the big deal. I looked into the mirror that was staring right back at me. But much more prettier than what looked at me when I had entered for the first time. I was astonished. “Run your fingers through your hair,” he said. I obeyed him instantly to see the magical world he had seen an hour ago. He had seen something that I could not, did not an hour ago though I was in the same room, in front of the same mirror.

He had a vision of my haircut.

5 Scribbles:

Me Thinks.. said...

And I am waiting to see the result!

Your sub-heads are awesome..
Pun intended :)

crumbs said...

Vision of your hair cut. Is it just e or is this post more profound than it looks? :)

sravan said...

sigh! haircut! smthn i cannot relate to and u kno y .. :P

pricky said...

me cut my hair as well..
170 bucks... can you blimey believe it??

ujju said...

thats what art is about...isnt it? vision.
lol..probably the only person who's taking this post seriously!!

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