Not today...

03 February, 2008

Am I ready to die?
Am I ready to die?
Yesterday I did not
Neither will I today
nor will I tomorrow.

A shaken soul masters none
words fanned through the valley
in the wake of an enlightened harbinger
sieving the bluish blemishes

At the far west flying solo
the sparrow reaching its summit
passed over vulture's carcass
whose death is of no consequence

I want to invite death in
his tease, his ally, his sin
black cold with intensity, I reckon
Am I ready to die?
Not today
Not today...

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

His tease, his ally, his sin...

Ur producing masterpieces these days! I swear...this is like one of those exotic poems you read in hard bound maroon poetry books.

Mysterious and beckoning. Am I ready to die...not yet!

crumbs said...

am I ready to die? Nope. Am I ready to kill...well getting there fast :D

You're getting more and more profound buddy...I second Prude-some 20 years later they'll be cracking their heads in MA classrooms, trying to figure out what all you'd meant when you wrote your poems :)

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