Love and Destruction

09 February, 2008

“Yes and that does make me feel miserable. Contrary to many beliefs, if and when I fall in love, I feel miserable. Miserable that I am in love and miserable that I am capable of love”

“What are you saying? Capable of love… Many in this world in their existence constantly question themselves whether they are, can be or have the capability to love another. Selfishly or unconditionally, whichever may be the case. Love is loved by everyone!”

“Moving past my fear of sounding ridiculous, clichéd or like a standard ten English essay, my love can be split into: I hate the people I love and I love the people I hate.”

“The classic love-hate relationship huh? It defines you to such an extent that you question yourself and condemn your feelings of love? Why?”

“Hmm… The question I pose to myself and the only plausible answer I got through this act of introspection was that I hate the people I love and love the people I hate.”

“You are repeating yourself here. But I get the fact that it is similar to familiarity breeds contempt and…”

“…And the factors, small and negligible as they may look, these itsy-bitsy quirks,that I hate about a person, makes me want to love them more.”


“My life, my logic and my hate. And that same hatred might prove destructive for me in love!”

-- To the flowers that lay on the tomb stone that says

And her last words were… Life is a bitch and Love her bastard.

4 Scribbles:

crumbs said...

" Life is a bitch and Love her bastard"

true, true.

We all theorise so much about love, but in the end the only thing that holds in all the gyan and reason, is one word- "Illogical"

Prude said...


Endurance is the only answer to true love. There is no other way to it.

Tsu said...

@Crumbs: I have no strength
@Prude: We also need to accept when to stop!

sravan said...

sigh! i can c u badly need a coffee!!

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