13 February, 2008

Color me blue
when the skies are red
and clouds soft as a warm bed

Color me blue
when tears are tasteless
and the heights make you breathless

Color me blue
when my dreams sing my song
in that Church a wedding gong

Color me blue
When time becomes the peddler of future
An addiction that spoils the now

Color me blue
when the folded fist is all you've got
a soul which the devil seeks has been bought

Color me blue
when all I do in life, is love
when all I end is in one great shove
Ending in people near my grave true

Color me blue
Begin me in blue

3 Scribbles:

Prude said...

I like the time a peddler of the future line.

But why blue?

sravan said...

i hope the "color me blue" was metaphorical! short and sweet.

Tsu said...

@Prude: we are blue when we are sad and the when we are happy. :)
@sravan: thankss... painting town red and I cant be in the same color na wink wink

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