Laugh Riot

19 October, 2008

I went to the Russell Peters show.

I laughed till my stomach hurt
I laughed till my jaws felt sore
But I do hope some day the chotu kid Kiran gets to have the last laugh!!!! :)

Russell Tussle! Everything that I had dreamed he would be, sound like, smile and the jokes are completely pee in your pants category!

Thorough fare! :)

2 Scribbles:

Prude said...

Sounds fantabulous! :-) I went for my first comedy clunb night a few days ago...he he like some sorta dream! From seeing these things on TV to actually living them!

Me Thinks.. said...

Mr. Russel Peters was also one of the reasons for us to reach late for Saranya's engagement...not so funny!


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